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Rushmore University offers a wide range of degree programs in areas beyond simply management and change management. For non-English speaking students, several of our Faculty are multi-lingual and can work with learners in their native languages. All papers and work product are designed in English and are edited for clarity with suggestions offered to enhance a learner’s English usage and language skills.

Faculty on staff offer broad experience across key critical areas of growth and development In Management and Leadership, and Rushmore’s affiliation with several other learning institutions allow learners to blend learning experience among cutting edge programs currently in demand. Areas such as Big Data, Data Centre Management, Development of Algorithms, Cloud and Database Management, Security, Change Management, Programming Design and Development, UI, UX/etc can be combined with the traditional learning areas of Management Science generally attributable to the MBA/MS and MA Degrees, including Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, and Operations Oversight.

Those studying for the MBA/MSA/MS Degrees in IT Disciplines have the opportunity to participate on an Intern basis with BAST Holdings, LLC, a California-based Start Up focused on development of software utilizing Linux-based Cassandra Operations, creating an Algorithm-ordered process fulfillment strategy, which can be utilized across approximately 95% of business functions currently utilized.

Your MBA/MS/MA Degree is a coveted degree around the world both for the message conveyed to potential employers and as a visual sign of competent work at the Graduate level. Degree program curricula are developed specifically between the learner and the Professor. 

By Distinguished Professor Robert M. Donnelly

It’s a fact that the higher the level of education anyone achieves the greater their lifetime earnings can be.

Additionally, their vistas expand accordingly, as well as the opportunities they qualify for.

These days more and more universities are offering online MBA degrees. This makes it more convenient to get this invaluable degree and embellish your overall profile.

Unfortunately, too many get their MBA degree but do not utilize it effectively. Typically, they frame it and hang it on the wall in their home office, or just put it in a drawer someplace. The other unfortunate aspect is in many cases their employer reimburses them for the cost of getting their MBA degree, but usually, does not even know when the employee gets their MBA degree.

The real value of the MBA degree, besides the learning experience is using it to advance your career in a number of ways. The first and most valuable aspect of getting the degree is the network of fellow students and alumni you gain access to for your future reference. However, to fully utilize this valuable asset you have to join and become active in the alumni association.

Secondly, the MBA has now become the primary educational requirement in many companies for advancement up the management ladder. Depending on what you major in may also satisfy a specific requirement for advancement. These days there are a variety of MBA degree majors and you need to select the one that most closely enhances what you want to be, or achieve in the corporate management hierarchy.

There are other benefits associated with the MBA degree like teaching, if you desire to teach others what you have learned and experienced. The MBA is required to teach in business programs offered by all colleges and universities.

Lastly, writing is another important way to embellish your profile and qualify as an expert in a specific functionality. By listing your MBA degree in you author’s biography it gives you an incremental authority status.

As you can see there are a number of valuable ways an MBA degree can enhance and embellish your profile and contribute to your unique value proposition.

Where are you with getting your MBA and using it effectively?

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If you have previously taken the GMAT Exam, the scores you achieved may be helpful in assessing your potential for success in your studies. The GMAT Exam, however, is not required for enrollment at Rushmore. If you are applying to Rushmore for the first time, please complete the Online Application form and submit it to

Note that because of the way that Rushmore students interact with their instructors, on a one on one basis, Rushmore does not limit the number of students who may enroll at any given time, and practices a “rolling admissions policy.” Students may begin their studies at any time during the calendar year, and are not required to either admit or matriculate at any specific calendar time.

If you are accepted for admission, you will either be eligible for immediate enrollment or you will be put on the waiting list for the first available place in our program.

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