The MBA in Leadership is a unique course designed to make you a more effective and productive leader.

The course is practical and aimed at current and future leaders, providing the requisite skills and knowledge to reach optimum team and organisation performance.

The course focuses on creating behavioural change in delegates. The program explores leadership, strategy and transformation – studying leaders from different eras and environments, identifying their key attributes and debating what makes a truly successful leader. Delegates will develop inspirational leadership skills and deliver optimum performance.

The course will provide a range of tools and theories to measure performance of individuals, teams and organisations. This will enable delegates to monitor their development throughout the course and in their future careers.

The course utilises proven training and coaching methods from diverse sectors, such as sport, to ‘stretch’ individual performance and develop an individual’s inner strength to cope with challenging situations.

The course will build self esteem and provide coping mechanisms to allow delegates to respond in positive and constructive ways to high pressure situations that demand exceptional performance.

Covered modules; Pre-Masters, Holistic Leading and Thinking, Leading Strategy, Leading Change and Organisational Renewal, Leadership Development, Inspirational Leaders, Spiritual and Cultural Diversity in Leadership, Foundations of Leadership, Managing Relationships, Leadership Expression, Leading and Building Winning Teams, High Performance Leadership, Personal Stretch for Leadership Development, Dissertation.

This programme is run in conjunction with BMC Global Services Ltd, a CMI accredited centre in the UK.

MBA in Leadership (part time, 2 year programme) commences Aug 2018 – workshops in Denmark and Italy.
MBA in Leadership (full time, 1 year programme) at ZBC, Copenhagen, Denmark commences January 2019.

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