The Rushmore approach teaches you to teach yourself. The most important academic lesson you will ever learn. 

Dr Michael Cox was the architect behind the concept of Rushmore University…a concept that focuses on learning, rather than teaching, and on one-on-one interaction between the Professor and the student, all made possible by the communications and research capabilities of the Internet. Equally compelling to the thought process is his description of how he developed a process that he termed creative emulation to lift himself from a struggling Professor of Accounting to become an entrepreneur who created three successful businesses prior to founding Rushmore.

Dr. Cox believed that Rushmore should roundly reject the traditional approach to education, where the emphasis is on teaching with students sitting in classrooms, listening to lectures, taking courses with little relevance to their needs and taking tests to measure their short-term retention of facts.

There is a growing consensus that this archaic educational model is deteriorating and may even be beyond the point of repair.  Dr Cox saw this, as an educational innovator, much before others even began to see the handwriting on the wall.

In contrast to stressing teaching, his unique Rushmore program focuses on learning— with one-on-one interaction between the student and his or her Professors. Others have attempted to implement learning-based programs within traditional business schools but have been blocked by special interests wanting to protect the status quo.

Whether you study with our Rushmore University Open Enrollment Program or within our CMI-Certified Learning Centre, your program will be focused on you– as the student– and the development of your capabilities as a learner—and not focused on the lowest common denominator learning of a typical classroom experience.

Why Dr Cox Believed in the Oxford Tutorial Method

Rushmore has adapted the 500-year-old Oxford Tutorial Method to the modern capabilities of the Internet to provide our students in our Open Enrolment Programme with the academic freedom to control how, where, when and what they learn. Our programmes are based on written papers. You tailor your own curriculum with the guidance of our renowned Professors. There are no exams or required courses. Moreover, our editors help you improve your writing skills, whether English is your first or second language.

In our CMI-Certified Learning Centre program, your programme will be shepherded by one of our CMI-Accepted Faculty in each course that you study.  The prescribed programme of study will be followed and you will have a Moodle-learning network site where you can track your learning Programme completely, along with notes and directions from your Professor.

You used to be able to stand out from your competitors just by earning an MBA or other graduate degree. This is no longer true. As more people earn graduate degrees, you will discover it is necessary for you to show a greater depth and breadth of learning to your employer, than just another graduate degree.

The True Benefit of your Rushmore Education

At the end of your Rushmore program, you will be an author, having published your papers on your website or ours, in professional or academic journals or other business publications. You will be able to provide prospective employers with a portfolio of your papers.  Many of our students consolidate their course work into a book. Your writing will show prospective employers that you are a mature, serious thinker. As a published author with a degree, you will have more status, recognition, appeal and credibility than someone who relies solely on a piece of paper to prove their abilities.

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Rushmore University is a fully online University, offering both graduate and undergraduate degrees, certified/accredited in accordance with UK National Standards, as defined through Chartered Management Institute.