Rushmore University is a fully online University offering both graduate and undergraduate degrees, complying with UK National standards, as defined through Chartered Management Institute.

Rushmore has, since 1995, offered a highly rated practicum in online learning for students around the world. Other schools look to Rushmore to help define their programs and to assist in creation of alternatives to a brick and mortar learning environment. Over 100 countries have been represented by current students and Alumni, and no wider range of subject matter is offered by any organization. Rushmore offers not only an extensive catalog of courses and degree programs through its Open University Colloquium, but additionally, offers a program with courses meeting UK Accreditation Standards as curated by Chartered Management Institute, UK. Every Rushmore learner works one on one with the Faculty member. There are no collective online classes; individual instruction is highly valued. Students identify individual study plans and confer with Senior Advisors to identify areas of study and opportunities for learning. Rushmore Graduates interested in new standards for programs covered previously may also take individual classes at reduced rates. All Rushmore work is edited prior to publication by Rushmore’s Chief Editor Elizabeth Miller.

During its early years, Dr. Michael Cox, the founder, focused the primary emphasis on the Rushmore MBA program, recruiting top management and authors to serve as Faculty for the University. Many of those individuals still serve today as current Advisors. Cox tried, wherever possible, to engage faculty members with actual practice in the areas in which they would teach, thus assuring that the learning take-away for the student was “practical” and met “real world needs” a student might encounter after completion of a degree program.

Over the past 10 years, under Dean of Graduate Studies Alan Guinn and the Rushmore Board of Governors, the University has focused not only on development of extensive MBA studies, but has expanded into PhD, DBA and specialized programs leading to Executive Recognition and publishing opportunities. PhD and DBA Candidates negotiate on and complete a prescribed curriculum of courses, and then focus on development of their written Dissertations into published books, allowing peer review and comments from practitioners. Since 2015, 78% of Rushmore students have become published authors utilizing their studies.

Rushmore University offers a worldwide management team, with Senior Faculty in North and South America, Europe, and Asia; an Editor in North America; a Director of Admissions and Records in New Zealand; Administration in the UK, North America, and the Caribbean, and the University operations is managed through Contemporary Investment Solutions, Ltd, on the Island of Antigua. 90% of the current Rushmore Faculty holds Terminal Degrees.

Additionally, if a student wishes to study in an area where studies have not been previously committed, Rushmore will often hire experts in the field of study to tutor the student in the preparation of written papers illustrating the knowledge base of the learner.

Rushmore operates under a written ELearning Policy for Students and E Handbook of Guidelines for Faculty. All services are considered paid for when your information is entered and you receive the website log in information. Any student is eligible to receive a tuition refund within 30 days upon request, if the course does not meet your expectations.

Privacy Policy: Our policy is not to share your contact information with anyone. When you register on our site, your personal information is limited to only our site and any affiliated financial sites required for processing your credit card payment information.

Student Reviews

  • Prof. Mgr. Iveta Matušíková, PhD., MBA

    I am from the Czech republic, Europe but now I live in NSW, Australia. At Rushmore university, I completed an MBA program, followed by a PhD. program and then I was appointed professor. From the very first day of my studies at Rushmore university and also throughout all my studies, the Rushmore approach to me as a student was highly professional. All study programs I completed were practically oriented and helped me expand my leadership skills and knowledge for my career as a university vice-rector.

    I very much appreciate Rushmore university´s non-traditional approach to education. It showed me new possibilities, and ways of education. This 100% online study allowed me to study and at the same time to handle a full-time job. I am proud to be a graduate of this university!

  • Graham J Blucher

    I enrolled at Rushmore to gain further qualifications in Management and Leadership, as I held a Senior Managers role, and was looking to gain promotion to the Senior Leadership Team. The Company regarded qualifications highly, and promoted those with advanced degrees. I saw that, without these qualifications I would not be in a position to advance. After researching different on-line courses, I selected Rushmore, as it gave me the opportunity to work at my own pace, and on subjects that were relevant to my situation not general subjects that were part of other courses.

    During the initial studies, I changed the subject of my dissertation. Part of my leadership studies involved studying Emotional Intelligence, and the value of this in becoming a valued leader. I realized this could also be used to help understand the effects of PTSD in veterans, and how to provide moral assistance to those who suffer. As a Vietnam Veteran, this research has at times opened some painful buried memories, but writing my dissertation on PTSD has also been therapeutic. The encouragement and understanding of the staff at Rushmore, and the patience and guidance of my advisor, Professor Don Mitchell, have enabled me to achieve my qualification, while also helping me accept the effects of PTSD.

  • Georges Seil, PhD

    Along the journey of my Rushmore Doctoral Program I learned new ways of thinking and triggering my creativity for developing best methodologies and writing skills in the domains of my Research. My supervising Professor and Dean of Studies, Alan Guinn, showed me the way how to synopsize my career learnings in a way which helped me to create a personal climate of motivation to write my upcoming book. The Leadership I received in my degree program was superior.

    Since I started my Doctoral studies with Rushmore, my life has changed in the moment when I realized that my actual activities in business strategy consulting should from now on be classified as part of the past and that I should take a new direction towards the future of Research in energy strategy development.

    Today, as a new PhD graduate, I already started my exciting journey with new energy projects in Asia and Africa and I’m grateful to Rushmore for having me shown the way how to change life through new leadership development.

    I believe Rushmore truly represents a newer learning model; not one where you learn by rote, but where you are challenged to learn new material and apply new thinking and new knowledge in alternative ways.

    In this way, I would like to quote J.F. Kennedy saying that: « Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other »

    And Leonardo da Vinci: « All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions »

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