Management Education

Preaching versus Teaching – Embracing Perspective in Management Education

By Prof. Rakesh Sondhi and Prof. Alan Guinn.

(200 word synopsis for article)

Sondhi and Guinn posit that over the last few years, management education--and in fact--education in general, has become about “preaching” a perspective favoured by the educator. The educator advocates a particular approach and tests the student’s ability to recall, in some form, the theory. Life favours those who are able to apply the theory as opposed to “quote the theory.”

Application in much of the available learning model is limited and generally is based on “case studies” focusing on passing opinion on a historical perspective. Little attention is given to broadening and exploration.

Management education appears to have forgotten there isn’t necessarily a right answer. Rarely does life define itself through black and white choices. Multiple perspectives exist and programs need to expose students to these; and also provide tools and techniques to explore and rationalize views in a constructive and critical way. Focus has to be on “de-risking” risky situations, and embrace learning when not achieving.

With increasing complexity, society will look for ‘true innovators,” as well as “digital innovators,” meaning that education needs to focus on nurturing futurist thinkers excited by the unknown; learners who will push boundaries to drive advancement in society.

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