Unique Rushmore Programs

Rushmore University offers a variety of course content, with many of the programs unique to the online University environment.

Some of these unique courses are available directly as either MBA or Masters Courses, and others are available as Certificated Courses for study beyond current degree programs. These courses have been developed by Professors with specific expertise, or are taught by groups with extensive knowledge and experience in their fields of endeavor, and can be custom developed with specific areas of study to address the needs of the student. Most carry additional charges beyond the Open University Rushmore charges for MBA, MS, PhD and DBA Degrees.

Where outside travel is necessitated for participation, any travel cost is above and beyond the charges for tuition to the University, and, as such, are the responsibility of the student.

Application for these unique programs is handled directly through the office of the Dean of Graduate Studies. More info. Email to for additional specific information on any of these courses.

Unique Rushmore University Programs include:

Aviation Management:

Recognizing the unique need for distance education within the airline industry, Rushmore has developed a programme that is tailored to the aviation management professional. This unique program focuses on the practical application of management principles and concepts in a variety of core concept areas. Tutored in part by Dr. Addison Schonland, Aviation Management can be designed to address multiple areas of the aviation industry.

In addition, each Student will be required to complete two separate projects; one, a startup Airline project and one, a turnaround Airline project. Some students may visit either Seattle, Washington, or Toulouse, France, to actually meet with, and discuss current issues with airplane manufacturers at Boeing Aircraft or at Airbus Industries. More info. Email to

Aviation Management: Helicopters and Business Management

An entire curriculum has been developed for those interested in startup or turn-around Business Management in the investment in, the operations of, and the profitability to be gained in remote operations of Helicopter Operations and Management, with inclusions on business, personnel, and cashflow. More info. Email to

Conflict Avoidance and Management:

Professor Andrew Goodman is recognized worldwide as an expert in negotiation, conflict avoidance and the management of human relationships. His research and writings are used as texts at colleges and universities and at legal institutions and law schools around the world. In this series of courses, Professor Goodman highlights key components of conflict avoidance. More info. Email to

Entrepreneurship and Personal Branding:

Professor Robert Donnelly, a Distinguished Professor at Rushmore, offers an Entrepreneur and Personal Branding Course at Rushmore. Professor Donnelly created the Plan for Planning® Process for building winning Business Plans. He is a noted worldwide contributor in the areas of Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship Issues. His You Tube Video library is extensive, and is used for many of his courses. More info. Email to

Exponential Business Success:

Professor Don Mitchell has developed several books in his 2000 Percent Solution Series. In this course, he works with the degree candidate to not only develop ways to address and prevent management stalls, but also helps tutor the teaching of the 2000 Percent Solution. More info. Email to


How Creative People Connect, developed and tutored by Dr. Wayne Lotherington, a world-class CEO and President of Allsorts Habit Creation. This course on Innovation addresses how people connect around the world. Dr. Lotherington, a Rushmore Professor, has built his practice upon an understanding of creativity, brands, consumers and the interconnectivity that connects them. Innovation offers an outstanding opportunity for those involved in corporate development to expand horizons and understanding of branding and creativity. More info. Email to

Lean Supply Chain Management Program:

Our operating partners in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in conjunction with Rushmore offer a Certified Supply Chain Black Belt study program in Lean Supply Chain Management, with an emphasis on Lean Thinking as the basis. This Management Program integrates a series of written papers along with participation in a week-long Global Seminar program in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, crediting a portion of the course.More info. Email to

Master of Leading People (MLP):

What is leadership and what is the purpose of leadership? People most clearly identify leadership when it is apparent that human agency makes a positive difference. Scholars and practitioners have invented many terms to deal with the subject of leadership, mostly in the direction of it being a professional act. But this is not necessarily the case. Leadership is present in most relating between people, and it is part of what defines us as human beings.More info. Email to

National Command and Staff College Affiliation

The Readiness Network Inc., dba / National Command and Staff College in collaboration with the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) and the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) develops Star Performers through modern learning experiences that build and promote community safety and mutual trust, maximize officer safety and wellness while reducing Agency and Officer liability and risks.  Recognized as a Center of Educational Excellence by the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards & Training (IADLEST), the National Command and Staff College have been solving the biggest learning, education, and performance improvement challenges in public safety for over 10 years.  Rushmore recognizes transfer credits issued by National Command and Staff College, and reciprocates in some courses and learning outcomes. More info. Email to

Real Estate Basics; Real Estate Study for Exams and Recertification:

Taught by Dr. Brent Lundell, Rushmore’s Real Estate Course is extensive in coverage and discusses both residential and commercial areas of real estate law; valuations and financial considerations; using flash cards for memorization and assessment, Dr. Lundell’s expertise in Mortgage Origination and Servicing offers a unique perspective on moving your RE Practice to the next level. More info. Email to

The Post Modern Management Masters’ Program:

Today’s managers must develop a more socio-economic oriented leadership focus. The demand for graduates, trained with the capability of doing well in multicultural environments, is far greater than the supply. Every manager and policy maker in business or government and its public sector organizations has to deal with multiple culture stakeholders-- who may be either workers or consumers. This program qualifies you to understand and successfully work in cross-cultural environments. More info. Email to


Transformational Tool Development Built to Enhance Leadership

Sorcerer School is set up as a year-long program, with an initial 90 day onramp in which students lay a solid foundation for:

During the 90 day onramp, students may choose to continue on with the entire Sorcerer School Program, for a 12 month period for fast paced and exponential results, at a total cost to them of (currently) $12,000 U$D, or they may choose two other options:

During the period of study, Sorcerer School will utilize three Pillars of Learning within its learning model, including:

Relate The school offers instruction on how the student relates to himself or herself, his or her close peers, and the world around them. This assists in helping students adopt collaborative efforts, vulnerability and honesty with themselves about how they are really demonstrating skills in business, an adaptive approach, and integrity which runs through the core of their leadership.

Communicate: The school works on how the student communicates within his or her own mind and self, with peers, and with the world around them. This encourages students to become present, grounded and open, discerning communicators, to be able to communicate from a place of power, and to identify authentic communication for business and leadership.

Innovate: Students are directed to work on innovation within their abilities, with peers, and within the world around them. This helps students align with innovation and find innovation across multiple models, and leads into a bigger conversation in the intersection of service/contribution, impact, and profit.

The 90 day onramp offers a four-sided loop, working with mind, body, spirit and soul, creating an intersection of what can be classified as DNA-level transformation. Each student learns how to access this quantum field and learns how to connect what is possibly inside themselves.

RU and Sorcerer School are committed to serve our students in achieving their educational goals. Technology will be used to facilitate the transfer of students between institutions. Students participating in the Rushmore program must meet all criteria for admission into RU and comply with all requirements in the awarding of a degree More info. Email to

Leading Through a Crisis

Leading Through a Crisis is a full leadership development course focused on learning through living and highlighting the actions to be taken within and throughout a global crisis

There is no better example than to be able to use current events. The Course will use the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 as its primary learning case. The course material and tools will be applied to the Covid 19 pandemic to demonstrate the importance of a holistic mindset which considers all perspectives and can help to provide the most relevant and fundamental solution to issues facing any type of organisation, of any size.

Duration: 6 month practical course

Cost: As determined jointly between Rushmore University and the participants. This course may be taught on a cohort basis, in order to stimulate discussion and alternative courses of action. Dr. Rakesh Sondhi will serve as Moderator. Email to

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