Investing in Real Estate

Perhaps you have an undergraduate or graduate degree in Real Estate, or perhaps you simply have an interest in the Real estate industry. Experience in real estate is not a prerequisite for this course. Rushmore University's Investing in Real Estate is, however, extensive in coverage and discusses both residential and commercial areas of investment. Taught by Dr. Brent Lundell, the Rushmore Distinguished Professor of Negotiation, the information communicated throughout the program, which also offers you an opportunity to earn several different Degrees, is both timely and offers evolving guidelines for worldwide commercial and residential development.

The student will follow a series of energy related courses for mastering and applying energy and circular economy related know how to be concluded by a master’s degree. The course structure is an open book and allows the student to put together a customized and tailored program, leading to a specific Master or Doctoral degree.

Most students require a year to complete this program part-time and upon completion, will be able to confidently find, evaluate, and make business-based purchasing or selling decisions for either investment or personal use properties. Moreover, the books required for this course will be helpful as the student's career enlarges and expands. This offering, which can lead to several different degree programs can be extended--with proper prerequisites--to a DBA Degree, requiring several projects defined from inception through closing.

As we all are aware, Real Estate Law varies around the world and this course teaches Real Estate principles and theory; the purposes are to expand the knowledge of the student through process, understanding, and motivation to create his or her own business entity dealing in RE and RE Development.

Background: Who is the Instructor?

After earning an MBA at Utah State University, Dr. Lundell began his real estate career through real estate syndication in Silicon Valley, specifically in the development of partnerships purchasing mid-sized apartment complexes ranging from 24 to 110 units. He owned his own Real Estate firm, and owned a mortgage brokerage firm during the boom refinancing years of the early 2000s. He has earned a PhD in Negotiation, written his own books on Negotiation and negotiation theory, and teaches for Rushmore.

When asked about his estimate of the course Dr. Lundell commented, "Students will work hard but it will be worth it." For immediate information on this course, contact Dr. Lundell at Students may register by completing the application form online at .