Academy of Roots Music

Academy of Roots Music

This program, headed by Director Sherry McKenzie, with the assistance of Coordinator Cindy Roberts offers Introductory through Advanced Students the chance to study through the Accredited Suzuki System Violin Instruction Method and Instructors. Each lesson will cover instrument care and use, fingering options, and offers three songs for student learning and practice from the Suzuki Study materials. Each lesson in the series offers personal feedback from the Instructor on style, song and music recognition, and sets out additional learning opportunities.

Associate Degree Program

Rushmore University offers an opportunity to pursue an Associate's level degree completely online in multiple major areas of study. Students will work with the Dean or with Instructors/Professors in their chosen areas to determine an applicable curriculum meeting standards in the field of study chosen. Students will complete 15 credit hours of study and a Capstone Paper to achieve this Degree level.

Master of Science/Master of Arts

Rushmore University students in the Masters Program will successfully complete a total of 30 Credit Hours of study and a Capstone Paper with coursework determined through a comprehensive curriculum program on written papers demonstrating knowledge, or through successful lectures/quizzes/Exams delivered within the Rushmore Learning Management System (LMS) and as designated for completion in the area of competency.

Master of Science and Master of Arts degrees may be used for a variety of uses, or serve as a basis for student in multiple areas, including human study areas, physical science areas, and study in humanities and the arts.

Masters of Business Administration

Rushmore University offers a wide range of degree programs in areas beyond simply management and change management. For non-English speaking students, several of our Faculty are multi-lingual and can work with learners in their native languages. All papers and work product are designed in English and are edited for clarity with suggestions offered to enhance a learner's English usage and language skills.

Faculty on staff offer broad experience across key critical areas of growth and development In Management and Leadership, and Rushmore's affiliation with several other learning institutions allow learners to blend learning experience among cutting edge programs currently in demand.

The MBA Program requires 30 Credit Hours, with 15 being in the Major area of study, and 15 in electives. A Capstone Paper granting one credit hour is required.

Master of Science and Policy

Rushmore's commitment to exceptional online teaching methods means that your instructors have a truly global background, enabling them to address the most important scientific and technological issues that are critical to students' career goals. The course offerings are tailored to be accessible for (1) students and mid-career professionals who haven't previously received formal science, engineering, mathematics, or technology training with completion of the certificate-qualifying lectures and instruction; (2) advanced students with strong science, engineering, mathematics or technology education, with the option to complete requirements for a Master of Science and Technology Policy degree; and (3) individuals who desire instruction in specific subjects to supplement their education and background and to improve opportunities for life objectives or career advancement.

The program requires Faculty of Science approval for admission, and 30 graduate Credit Hours to complete, several papers, and successful completion of online video and personal instruction through the Rushmore Learning Management System. The Faculty of Science will evaluate at least one project presented as to relevance and application, and must agree to the ultimate graduation of the student.

Doctorate/Terminal Degree Programs

Rushmore's terminal degree programme is held in high regard by those completing its requirements, and has often been mentioned as "second to none." The terminal degree programs directly link to one of the key Rushmore University learning attributes: "That this University recognizes the value of knowledge application-- not simply knowledge required for acquisition."

The University invites learners considering study for a terminal degree to contact the Dean to discuss prior learning achievements and prior degrees attained, and to present a case where relevant work experience in the area of interest interacts with learning required and knowledge sought.

General guidelines for the courses include 60 Graduate Credit Hours earned through a variety of methods, including papers, projects, and at least one major Dissertation on a topic of importance in business. We normally advise students to pursue the DBA unless they have a specific purpose in mind for the PhD. A PhD is normally chosen when the student wishes to either prove or disprove a generally accepted theory, concept, or idea, and requires additional research beyond and above that for the DBA.

Specialized study for these degrees is required and we encourage you to contact for additional information, especially if you are close to completing your degree at another institution but are unable to do so for reasons beyond your control. In many cases we can accept credits from other schools to count for credits required at Rushmore, and your efforts will not have been in vain to attain your degree status.

Specialized Degree and Study Programs

Rushmore offers a variety of specialized Degree and Study programs which may not be offered in other schools or at other campuses. Being a fully virtual University offers unique attributes to a study program and allows students to read, write, study, and publish at their own speed. Additionally, Rushmore's website and social media offerings offer clear and compelling opportunities for students to showcase materials, papers, and theories and gain peer review and support for their work.