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    Why you should be hiring more introverts

    Wed Oct 24 2018
    . 1 min read

    Introverts often work in the background and let the extroverts take the credit for the successes of the firm, but it’s the introverts who are focused on getting the job done, after all successful companies are built on hard working, reliable and productive individuals. After years of academic research, it turns out that introverts are more likely than extroverts to have those characteristics: 1) Introverts are more easily motivated Introverts are more likely to appreciate praise and use that to continue to work hard, as their expectations for gratification are significantly lower than that of extroverts. 2) Introverts respond better to feedback Introverts tend to be more secure in their abilities and therefore are more responsive to feedback, both positive and negative. 3) Introverts put the firm first Introverts are more focused on the success of the firm, rather than their individual success. This mindset makes them extremely loyal team players that will always do what is right for the firm. 4) Introverts are more collaborative A study by University of Chicago showed that introverts were more open to working with one another to help develop creative solutions. On the other hand, extroverts were more confrontational and stubborn with their ideas. 5) Introverts are more creative A study in the journal Perceptual & Motor Skills found that introverts are more equipped to generate creative ideas than extroverts, as creativity requires highly emotional, active & intelligent introverted personalities- all of which are key attributes of an introverted individual.