What do great salespeople do?

By Arjun Sondhi- Managing Director BMC Global Services Digital

Great sales people are confident in their ability and take pride in the work they do. They possess a deep desire to win at all costs and separate themselves from the competition at all times. But what makes them so special?

1) Accountability

Great sales people own their results. What does that mean? They recognise that every outcome is down to them and them only. Elite salespeople have a different mindset to everyone else. They believe that they control anything that happens to them, whether or not it was their doing. Psychologists call this the internal locus of control and have found that possessing an internal locus of control positively correlates with success in the workplace.

2) Expert knowledge

Salespeople are required to be confident and have all the answers regarding the product in which they are selling. Having a high degree of confidence, requires both knowledge and preparation. Gaining industry knowledge and thoroughly understanding their products should be the top priority for any aspiring salesperson.

3) Team players

Top salespeople provide insight to those around them and recognise the importance of having a strong team. The best salespeople will pass on knowledge to others in the team and subsequently will strengthen their relationships with their colleagues.

4) Capitalise on opportunities

Having a sense of urgency is a key component to becoming a top salesperson. The most successful salespeople recognise that opportunities come and go and capitalise on opportunities instantaneously.

5) Make full use of their resources

The best salespeople don’t complain about a lack of resources available. Rather when faced with a difficult situation, they find a way to make the sale with the resources that they do have available.

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