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    What are some hard and fast rules for working in a Zoom (or equivalent Video) environment?

    Fri Jan 15 2021
    . 4 min read

    The business world has been hugely impacted by switching to a predominantly remote workforce in the wake of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Many companies started using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or other ways of meeting via video so they could continue work while remaining socially distant. And not all these meetings went well. Some of them made the news for some not-so-great reasons.

    Since workplaces are continuing this brave new world of remote/video meetings, there are some good tips to remember before your next video conference.

    The Wall Street Journal has these suggestions: 

    - Be on time. Remember how obvious it used to be if you walked into a conference room late for a meeting? It’s immediately apparent on video calls, too.

    - Turn on your camera. It’s also a good idea to check your audio/video settings before the call begins to make sure your co-workers aren’t seeing things you don’t want them to see.

    - Be still – don’t pace or carry your computer around. Moving around can be incredibly distracting.

    - Don’t eat on the call. You may have enjoyed the bagels your boss used to bring in for company meetings, but your co-workers don’t want to see you eating on camera. Plus, food noises can be just as distracting as moving the computer around.

    - Learn how to effectively interrupt. This seems wrong, doesn’t it? But in order to communicate with the most effectiveness, you need to be able to insert your ideas, thoughts, comments, questions, etc, without always having to raise your hand and wait to be called on.

    - Close the office door. Keep the pets out. Keep the kids out. You don’t want video-bombing going on

    - No multitasking. Just because all eyes are not on you does not mean this is the time to browse those travel websites for ideas of vacations you can take when the pandemic is over. Your team members deserve your undivided attention.

    As with everything else in the world, this is another huge covid-related change, but it may be a longer-term effect. Many employees would like to stay working remotely and via video conferencing even after the pandemic ends. Keeping these tips in mind should help you make your calls a success.