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    The value of a CEO network

    Sat Dec 29 2018
    . 2 min read

    By Arjun Sondhi - Managing Director BMC Global Services Digital Companies across all industries are investing in training their employees. However, there’s one role in which companies are not preparing their staff for: CEO. Why is this? The issue is not that the individuals who become CEOs are not capable of succeeding in the job. Rather, it is an issue of who will educate the leader of the company. New CEOs should look to joining a network of other CEOs in order to gain access to advice and insights . Being part of an exclusive network of chief executives offers many advantages for the new CEO: Education There are not a lot of CEOs in the world and their role includes a number of unique tasks. The limited number of job opportunities has resulted in schools and training companies not developing specific programmes for a new CEO. Being part of a CEO network enables members to learn from one another and develop an understanding about how to tackle CEO specific tasks. Learning from leaders across other industries is a great way to adopt unique strategies to your company and ensure that your company successfully implements these tactics. Community CEOs may be the best of the best, but they still have a deep desire to learn and build valuable relationships. It can also be very lonely at the top. According to the inaugural CEO Snapshot survey, more than half CEOs struggle with feelings of isolation. Unfortunately it is difficult for CEOs and founders to gain access to highly valuable insights that will help them excel in their role. Being part of a CEO network provides leaders with access to similarly high performing individuals. Honest feedback It is very difficult for leaders of companies to gain access to honest feedback from employees. However, a good CEO needs to learn from mistakes and ensure that they are constantly improving. Being part of a CEO network will ensure leaders are receiving constructive and honest feedback from other high performing individuals. Setting the bar high Individuals are a product of their network. By surrounding themselves with other high performing individuals, leaders are forced to raise their game and ensure that they don’t fall behind. CEO networks are a great space for leaders to set goals and by sharing these goals with other leaders, will keep them accountable.