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    Storytelling to grow your brand

    Thu Aug 02 2018
    . 2 min read

    By Arjun Sondhi The brand that tells the best story will always win. In today’s environment high quality content is essential to the growth of a business. Brands need to focus on storytelling rather than trying to sell their products to consumers. Nest recently proved the power of storytelling when they produced a series of adverts to promote their smart home products. Rather than directly selling their products to consumers they focused on telling the story about how the products improved family lives. In the quarter following from these ads, Nest smashed their earnings estimate. Here are three tips to tell better stories for your startup: 1) Simplicity Less is more when it comes to content. The increase in content available has resulted in a dramatic decrease in the concentration span of humans. Advertisers must understand how to simplify their message without sacrificing the effectiveness of the message. Think about one of the most recognised brands in the world- Nike. Their slogan ‘Just do it’ is only three words long but is recognised all over the world and extremely powerful. 2) Highlight the problem solved Brands often fall into the trap of assuming that consumers will be fascinated with talk about the latest features and widgets of their products. However, in reality consumers are not interested in hearing the tech talk about each feature of the product. Instead they are fascinated with that the product can do for them. Demonstrate the value that the product will add to your consumer and make them feel that they need to purchase your product. Always remember to focus on the why rather than the what. 3) Test the story Feedback is essential to the creation of an effective advertising campaign. Find expert storytellers within your industry and tell them your story. These third party experts will provide honest feedback and will help you understand the effectiveness of your storytelling.