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    Startup Scout: Wonolo

    Mon Nov 19 2018
    . 1 min read

    On-demand temporary employment platform Wonolo has raised $32 m Series C round led by Bain Venture Capital. Wonolo ( pronounced 'woh-KNOW-low', stands for Work. Now. Locally) is an on-demand staffing platform for businesses to fill their immediate hourly or daily labor needs. They solve the last mile staffing problem for Fortune 500 companies as well as Small-to-Medium businesses (think Retail merchandising, eCommerce fulfilment, Event staffing, Hotel housekeeping, etc). Wonolo allows companies to manage unpredictability by augmenting their existing labor force with hourly to daily Wonoloers who can come in within an hour and do the job. Wonolo has raised a total of $52.9M in funding over 5 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Nov 19, 2018 from a Series C round. Founded: Date Jan 1, 2014 Founders :AJ Brustein, Jeremy Burton, Yong Kim Operating Status :Active Funding Status : Late Stage Venture Last Funding Type: Series C Number of Employees: 11-50