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    Skills that will not become automated

    Thu Oct 11 2018
    . 2 min read

    Young professionals have grown up witnessing a variety of new technological advancements such as the invention of the smartphone, development of machine learning and increased integration of augmented reality. It is therefore no surprise that the millennial generation are increasingly anxious about the number of jobs becoming automated, and there anxiety is justified! McKinsey & Co found that 30% of tasks in 60% of occupations could become computerised and in 2016, the BoE chief economist stated that 80m US jobs may be taken over by robots. However, despite the increasing reliance on automation, there are a number of skills that will still be highly valuable regardless of what the future holds. 1) Creativity Creativity is a commodity that cannot be replaced by robots. Possessing a creative mind and vivid imagination is something that cannot be replicated by A.I. or automated systems. Yes, mathematics and definable rules play a role in creativity but new ideas cannot be reduced to code. Jobs requiring creative expertise will become increasingly more important to businesses across all industries. 2) Emotional intelligence One thing that makes humans special is the ability to empathise. Robots do not have the innate ability to connect with and understand humans on an emotional level. Empathy and emotional intelligence is essential for positions in which one must understand the emotions and behaviours of colleagues & customers. Therefore jobs such as sales and HR will be safe from automation as interpersonal skills are fundamental to the success of the role. 3) Critical thinking & technological management Regardless of how advanced an AI system is, there will always be a need for humans to make key judgements and critical decisions that are not as straight forward as a yes or no. Humans are also going to be needed to design, plan, install, manage and maintain any AI systems. By understanding the technology rather than fearing it, you place yourself in a very strong position for future employment. By Arjun Sondhi- Digital Director at BMC Global Services