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    Rushmore Spotlight: The Absolutes of Leadership

    Thu Nov 01 2018
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    By Marcel Reber, MBA To access the whole paper please email dean@rushmore.edu Executive summary: The Absolutes of Leadership is Philip B. Crosby’s eleventh book. The book has only 130 pages but I found so many useful things that I can use every day, so I think every person who works should read this book. It will be of value not only to those who have leading positions but also to lower ranked employees. The book is a guide for leaders to find out what sort of leaders they are and it’s a helpful tool for the employees to understand the bosses. The book is written in language and concepts that everyone will understand. It does not need to be read page by page – if there is a theme that is of more interest than another, just begin with that one. Every chapter can be read on its own. There are four Absolutes of Leadership; a chapter in the book is allocated to each one and the examples from the author’s life make it easy to understand what he wants to say. At the end of every chapter there is an executive summary, called a reflection. In these reflections Phil Crosby gives the things that are of primary importance for the reader. On some pages he writes an apt quotation that is apposite to the theme of the chapter. On the last pages of the book you will find the notes, giving an overview of the books he has cited. I recommend this book to everyone who is working, whether or not he or she is in a leading position. 2001 Crosby on Leadership, The Absolutes of Leadership MBA / Finance Submission Date: March 6, 2008 Date Course was Started: February 1st, 2008 Date Program was Started: April 1, 2007 Type of Course: Short Course Practical Problem: I will understand what for leaders my bosses are and what I learn to be a better Leader.