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    Rushmore Spotlight: Developing Leadership Influence

    Thu Nov 01 2018
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    By Chukwuma E. Agbaeze (MBA) To access the whole paper please reach out to dean@rushmore.edu Executive Summary It is evident from this study that when a middle level leader performs creditably well he also enables leaders above him to excel in their duties because he has taken some responsibility off them. To me at this time, it is evident that the ultimate test for a leader is not whether he or she makes smart decisions and takes decisive action in the line of duty, but whether he or she helps others harness their leadership attributes and helps build an organisation that can sustain its success even when he or she is no longer with the entity. The true measure of a leader is the number of people he or she serves and not the number of people who serve him or her. Being a 360 degree leader is therefore more than just doing a good job now and making things easier today for superiors and subordinates. It is about making sure the organisation attains greater heights, even in years to come. To be adjudged a good leader, I am expected to identify, develop or empower someone else to lead. However, while doing this, it is imperative that I take to heart that leading is only half the battle. An effective leader is expected to possess character, competence and a positive attitude. I learnt that leaders are those who are bold enough to make a decision when they are faced with a defining moment. They are willing to make the decision to lead in situations when it is most expected of them. Leadership is not something with which we are born; it is not inherited but is something we are mandated to do by circumstance of our position or an event. With this knowledge, I am better prepared to deal with leadership responsibilities and to add value to those I work with. Course Number and Name: 2003 Developing Leadership Influence Program/Major: MBA Accounting and Finance Submission Date: December 31, 2007 Date Course was Started: November 23, 2007 Date Program was Started: January 15, 2007 Type of Course: Short Success/Leadership Practical Problem: Developing Leadership Influence from any where in the organisation