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    Rushmore Course Options

    Sun Jul 29 2018
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    In our Rushmore Open Enrollment, you will develop your own curriculum, aligned with your personal career goals.  In our CMI-Certified Course, you will have a choice of courses which meet the standards set through CMI and its world-class development group. You may begin with Short Courses, developing your focus on leadership and achieving personal success.  You may learn new skills in disciplines such as self-management,   leadership, human relations, communications, creativity and personal achievement. A clear mastery of these skills may be responsible for as much as 70% of the success you will achieve in life. Many courses are based on books written by Rushmore’s world-class Professors.  With these courses, you have a unique opportunity to work directly with the Professors who wrote the books. Rushmore considers another category of course as our Practical Course. In a Practical Course, you read and assess a book or study other learning materials and develop a paper about how one may implement the ideas expressed in these materials and solve an actual or a hypothetical problem. Your work product, if approved by your Professor, may be autobiographical in nature, discussing what you have done and what you have learned from your work and life experiences.  Practical Courses make up the bulk of the Courses taught as CMI-Certified Courses. Rushmore also offers Research Courses.  Research Courses allow you to find information to help solve a problem. Discovery entails the study of information from numerous articles or books. In some cases, a research course will involve collecting and analyzing original data, usually of a practical nature. Practical problems may encompass the need to improve your own skills or to improve the positioning of an enterprise.