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    Sat Jul 28 2018
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    At Rushmore, you make your degree your own!   Your online MBA, PhD, DBA, or other Doctoral or Master’s program can be custom-made, with a curriculum designed just for you with the help of your Faculty Advisor.  Our Professors will coach, mentor, tutor, advise and inspire you as you progress through your courses. Or, your online MBA can be designed according to curricula developed by Chartered Management Institute, since Rushmore has been certified as one of the leading UK-based Learning Centres of Excellence.  You may begin your studies with us, and transfer your learning to a bricks-and-mortar-based institution, where applicable. We believe that while learning at Rushmore, your curriculum can be 100% relevant because you will design your own curriculum, with 100% of your studies relevant to your career. You will not be required to study subjects that you already know or do not need to know to progress within your career. You will devote all your time to subjects that will help you reach your goals.  You used to be able to stand above your competition simply by earning an MBA or another business degree. As more and more people earn an MBA, it has become necessary to have more than just a degree to stand out from the competition. Graduates of Rushmore are hired, promoted and earn raises at Fortune 500 companies and comparable organizations rapidly because of what they learned in a customized program of study. Their specialized programs were 100% relevant to their goals and their employers’ needs. Conversely, if you are planning to teach at a four-year accredited institution, or are currently in a career where accreditation is critical to your ongoing success, Rushmore offers the CMI option for your study and development.  CMI has a strict set of standards and requirements for each course, and some additional fees will apply.  At the end of your program with us, you will receive a CMI-branded Rushmore University Document, which allows transfer of CMI courses to other CMI-affiliated institutions of higher learning. With either choice, you will benefit from our Professors’ experiences as CEOs, corporate executives, consultants, entrepreneurs and authors, as they work with you on a one-on-one basis. Contrast this with ordinary business schools, where the faculty consists primarily of academics whose lectures are the main method of interaction between students and faculty. Over 90% of Rushmore Professors have their PhD, DBA or other Doctoral degrees. Contrast this with other online schools. We have Professors who have degrees that have been awarded from universities such as Arizona, Florida, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Kansas, London Business School, Maryland, McGill, Memphis, North Carolina, Northwestern (Kellogg), Ohio State, Stanford, Pennsylvania (Wharton), UCLA, USC and Virginia (Darden). Only a few conventional business schools exceed this number of highly qualified Professors that we have on our faculty.  Likewise, two-thirds of our Professors have published books. There are very few conventional business schools where more than 20% of the faculty have written books. At the end of your online MBA/Master’s, PhD, DBA or other Doctorate program, you will have accomplished more than your competitors at conventional business schools. Your writing, honed throughout your studies by Rushmore’s Editing Services, will show employers and customers that you are a serious thinker. You will be an established author while others will display just another degree on their résumé. Your status as an author, earned through writing and publishing one or more of your papers on your website or in a journal or magazine, will give you greater recognition and credibility than your competitors. Learning to structure your thoughts as you write will also improve your public speaking skills.