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    How should managers behave to motivate and control their employees and subordinates?

    Fri Jan 15 2021
    . 3 min read

    If you manage a group of employees of any size, you know it can be challenging to keep morale high. This has been especially true in the last several months, as the global Coronavirus pandemic has shifted many workforces to a virtual/remote environment. So how can you keep your employees on task and happy with their jobs?

    Spectrum Business Insights has these suggestions:

    - Praise your employees for a job well done. Let them know you value their contributions. 

    - Don’t micromanage. Let your employees have some autonomy over their work. No one likes working for a    control freak.

    - Respect your employees. It’s really hard to go to work when you have a boss you know thinks very little of    you. Respect can go such a long way to keeping your employees performing at their best.

    - Let your employees honestly express their opinions or concerns – even if they’re negative. If things are going  wrong, you can’t fix it if you don’t know about it.

    - Give your employees a decent work/life balance. Burnout is common in employees who focus the majority of their energy on work with no time to relax or pursue outside activities.

    - Be fair with your employees. Don’t value one over another for no apparent reason. Pay should be                  appropriately equal as well. And speaking of pay:

    - Pay your employees well. Pay them fairly for the job they do. And if you can and it’s appropriate, give them a  raise. More money is always a good morale booster.

    It can be challenging to effectively oversee a remote workforce, but Spectrum’s tips are a good starting place. Treat your employees fairly, whether they’re remote or in-person, and you’ll see how that treatment can pay off with happier employees.