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    How can your business grow globally and compete successfully?

    Thu Feb 25 2021
    . 3 min read

    Are you ready to expand your business’s outreach beyond your country’s borders and to compete on a global scale? This can completely change how your business operates. While there can be significant risks involved, do those potential issues outweigh the possible benefits you could see from expanding your company’s footprint?

    If this is something you’re considering undertaking, check out Forbes’ tips to help your venture succeed:

    - Do a deep dive on due diligence: Do. Your. Homework. Do a SWOT analysis. Know the benefits and potential pitfalls you may be facing.

    - Develop your strategy and business plan: Figure out the best way to keep your strategy in place.

    - Establish a beachhead team: Who’s going to be helping you head up your team? You want people in place before you go global.

    - Make sure your products are ready: Don’t assume you can figure things out “after” your global launch. You need to be ready beforehand.

    - Ensure your organization is ready: Don’t leave this to chance, either.

    - Establish your go-to-market strategy: How are you going to proceed once you’ve gone global?

    - Ensure you’re legally prepared: Dot all your Is and cross all your Ts. Make sure that you are protecting your assets in case of potential legal issues.

    - Make sure your taxes and finances are ready: See above. You want all this documentation in place.

    - Prepare your final budget draft: How much is it going to cost you to expand your company?

    - Establish relationships with local businesses: Having those relationships in place before you launch can help make that launch smoother.

    In reality, you’re the only one who can fully determine whether or not your company is ready to compete at a global level. Following the Forbes tips can help. So is 2021 going to be the year you expand your company’s reach?