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    Differentiation of a Rushmore education

    Sun Jul 29 2018
    . 2 min read

    With Rushmore’s Open Enrollment MBA/PhD/DBA, there are no mandated courses. You will design your own personalized curriculum. Our Professors work with you one-on-one to design a customized program of study. Since there are no specific courses required, you will not study subjects that you already know or do not need to progress your career and life goals. Instead, you will devote your valuable time to subjects that will help you achieve your short, mid-range horizon, and long-term goals. With Rushmore’s CMI Centres of Learning program, your curriculum will be focused on approved courses, with specific teaching methods and methods of learning established within formal educational guidelines and mandates.  For many student learners, this is the best method for following a study program established and confirmed from the initial phases of the study process.  If your work requires that you study and achieve an accredited degree, this is the course of study for you.  Rushmore currently enrolls students and offers the MBA in Management and Leadership, as Certified by CMI. The Rushmore Open Enrollment MBA/PhD/DBA independent study employs our adaptation of the internationally-renowned Oxford Tutorial Method. The Rushmore system adapts the classical methods of Oxford to the modern tools of email and the Internet. Our system affords you the opportunity to learn the material required anywhere on earth.  There are no examinations. Instead, your grades are based on the quality of the papers, articles, books and other written projects that you submit. In the real business world it is your creativity, ability to solve problems, and skill in written and verbal communications that will determine your success, not your test-taking ability.  Both Rushmore programs place an extraordinary amount of emphasis on personal and professional growth and development. Whether or not English is your primary language, our Editing Services will assist you in polishing your written presentations.  Over the course of your study, your writing and presentation skills will improve dramatically. Since you choose topics that are relevant to your career and personal goals, your papers will have practical application. Unlike examination-based courses yielding essentially short-term learning results, our more efficient and stimulating program will yield long-term results that are matched to the needs of your career. There are no time limits for finishing your degree. If you need to take a break from your studies at any time, you may do so.  The credits that you earn never expire.