“The Rushmore approach teaches you how to teach yourself - the most important academic lesson you will ever learn.”
Dr. Michael Cox

Students often have life-changing experiences interacting with Rushmore professors and/or through courses they have taken. This page is where students are able to share brief testimonials of their Rushmore experience.

Personal Branding

As an employee of a major telecommunications corporation for the past 17 years, I can say without reservation that the past year has been the most fruitful. I believe I owe a good portion of my recent accomplishments to the knowledge, and skill set I have obtained from Professor Donnelly’s Personal branding course. This class is an invaluable tool in the tool box of professional business improvement. I would highly recommend everyone attending college take this course. It is not only geared towards business but is helpful in everyday life, and can contribute to the success in just about every endeavor one may face.

With my sincere thanks, and most highest regard,

Alex Wurst


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