Rushmore Flowchart of Student Activities

“The Rushmore approach teaches you how to teach yourself - the most important academic lesson you will ever learn.”
Dr. Michael Cox

A Rushmore Flowchart of Student Activities from Application to End of 1st Course

1.0      The Candidate contacts Rushmore University for information on our programs, our services, and our cost structure.

1.1      The Candidate receives a response from Dan Dolejs, the Director of Admissions and Records.   This is a basic letter, referring to information available on the website, and asking for the candidate to complete the Application available online, explaining fees and requirements.

1.2      Upon receipt of a completed application, a decision is made in the Director of Admissions and Records Office to offer– or not to offer– admission.  If a scholarship is available for the specific discipline, the candidate is made aware that he/she may be offered a scholarship to assist in defraying admission costs.

1.3      The candidate is given a limited amount of time to respond to the offer of admission. Acceptance and admission is signaled to the student by email, and by the learner’s required payment of the initial fees.

1.4      The candidate is requested to review all material online to learn how to create a Personal Profile.  The Personal Profile is edited by the Rushmore Editing Department as to form and format, and returned to the student for corrections.  This Personal Profile is available to all Faculty members to gain knowledge about the student, his or her background, his or her management expertise, and his or her life experiences.

1.5      The student completes his or her first Advisor Request online and is assigned an Advisor for the first course by the Dean of Graduate Studies. The Student contacts his/her Advisor and begins email correspondence about the coursework to be covered.

2.0      The Candidate is directed to the texts required as reading for preparation for writing a paper outlining key points in the text and demonstrating how those key points have been or will be integrated into his/her experience.

2.1      The paper is either sent to the Professor for first assessment, or is sent directly to the Rushmore Editor for editing.

2.2      The Editor returns the paper to the student for corrections and offers suggested comments.  When edited, the paper has been reviewed to conform with University of Chicago editing guidelines, and has been reviewed for plagiarism.  The student is encouraged to make changes where he/she feels those changes are mandated, and then to submit the paper to the Professor/Advisor for marking.

2.3      The Professor/Advisor receives the paper, marks the paper, and returns it to the student, with an assignment of Credit Hours and a Grading of the work.  Rushmore operates on a 4.0 QPA Scale, with 4.0 equal to an A+ grade.  All students are encouraged to rework any paper which rates below a B- (B Minus) as this is not work which is acceptable for a Graduate Student.

3.0      The Professor reports the grade and the number of credit hours assigned for the paper online via the Online Grade Form, accessible to each Professor using his or her Username and Password via the website.

4.0      The automated Grade form tallies the various courses, grades, and comments of each Student as recorded by the Professor/Advisor, and automatically generates a transcript documenting the work which has been accomplished.  The Transcript can then be made available to the student at any time, as required.

Graduates of Rushmore are hired, promoted and earn raises at Fortune 500 and other organizations because of what they learn and learn to apply within their programmes.