Since 1995, Rushmore has delivered a strong learning and delivery program to hundreds of students. Many of the texts that we stipulate for completion of courses are the same textbooks used in leading edge business schools throughout the world.

One requirement for graduation from Rushmore is that the student complete a Capstone Paper, conveying one credit hour, at the end of his/her program.  This Capstone Paper requirement was designed to allow the student to recap the program chosen, and make reference to issues which may have occurred during the learning process.  We read each Capstone Paper thoroughly to determine several facts:

  1. Submission of this Paper allows us to review the attitude(s) of the learner and determine if the expectations have been met.

  2. Submission of the Paper allows us to recognize Rushmore Faculty members or Administrators who have done an outstanding job in working with a specific student.

  3. Submission of the Paper helps Rushmore to learn more about our students, their use of their degrees, and their anticipated enhancements to personal or professional career changes and activity.

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Rushmore University is a fully online University, offering both graduate and undergraduate degrees, certified/accredited in accordance with UK National Standards, as defined through Chartered Management Institute.