“The Rushmore approach teaches you how to teach yourself - the most important academic lesson you will ever learn.”
Dr. Michael Cox

Why Rushmore has Chosen to Affiliate with Chartered Management Institute

Rushmore University has recognized the importance of certification and accreditation of our program to the growth and long term development of our educational program.

We also believe that, since we are domiciled in the Cayman Islands, a UK-based Accrediting and Certification Group is appropriate.

The bona fides of Chartered Management Institute are exceptional and lend themselves well to our method of instruction and the integration of our program. We believe that affiliation will offer an outstanding opportunity for Rushmore to grow and prosper.

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Affiliate with Chartered Management Institute

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Graduates of Rushmore are hired, promoted and earn raises at Fortune 500 and other organizations because of what they learn and learn to apply within their programmes.