Rushmore University has maintained a steady growth rate in both students and Faculty since 1999.  From its beginning in 1995, the number of Faculty members has consistently increased and the Learner: Advisor ratio has improved.   Today, 52 Faculty Members are associated with Rushmore University.   Additional Faculty will be identified as new programs are added and posted on our website as available for students.

Faculty members must hold, at minimum, a Master’s Level Degree, and preferably, a Doctoral or Terminal Degree.  In addition, they must demonstrate exceptional knowledge and experience within their area of expertise.  Rushmore seeks out individuals as Instructors and Professor/Advisors who have “real-world” experience in management and leadership roles within their organisations, and values these individuals as opposed to simply “academic advisors.”  

Currently, 96.2% of Rushmore Faculty possess terminal degrees.   The current Active Student: Faculty Ratio is 5.5:1.   Each Student works 1:1 with each Professor in his/her coursework.

New Faculty Guidelines

Potential new Faculty contacts the Dean of Graduate Studies via email or telephone, submits a resume/CV, which is screened to determine background and experience, and each potential Faculty member is then interviewed personally by the Dean of Graduate Studies.  Prior to being offered a position at Rushmore, each new Professor is approved by the Board of Governors.  After approval, each new Faculty Member is teamed with an existing Faculty member, whose responsibility it is to assure that the programs are followed, the standards are enforced, and the new Professor understands the basics sought in coursework and the quality of papers prepared and presented for grading.  In many cases, the new Faculty member will work directly with the Dean of Graduate Studies to assure that minimum standards are met for student-facing experiences.

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Rushmore University is a fully online University, offering both graduate and undergraduate degrees, certified/accredited in accordance with UK National Standards, as defined through Chartered Management Institute.