1.  Where is Rushmore University located?

Rushmore is an Internet-based University offering distance learning programs and is certified and licensed to operate as a Limited Corporation by the Cayman Islands, a UK-Protectorate.

2. There are a lot of scam artists on the Internet; how do I know Rushmore is authentic?

Yes indeed, scam artists abound, don’t they?  By doing a little detective work, you’ll be able to determine that Rushmore offers legitimate degrees for legitimate work.  Don’t read the words of the naysayers who have little to do but complain about this or that…  Read through some of the profiles of our students and also the testimonials of our graduates.  Read the profiles of our faculty.  Go to their personal websites and blogs.  Look at the books they have published and read reviews of those books at  Ask yourself this:  Why would highly qualified Academics and successful businessmen risk their livelihood and their reputation by getting involved with Rushmore if we were not 100% legitimate? They wouldn’t… and we are!

3.  Wouldn’t I be better off to go to Harvard or Yale or some other prestigious University with wide name recognition?

Yes, you would. If you can afford to go to one of those universities then you should do so. Their fees are about ten times higher than ours. If you cannot afford the fees of Harvard or Yale,  then why not consider Rushmore where you can study under the supervision of Faculty (like Professor Don Mitchell, Bob Donnelly, Les Livingstone, and others) who earned their degree at those prestigious universities and now work for Rushmore?


4. Where is Rushmore ranked in the USA?

There are over 2000 Universities in the USA alone. Only the elite few are ranked. Rushmore has been listed, but not ranked, in the Business Week MBA Review Assessment.

5.  How long will my program take?

If you put ten hours per week into your program, and you are an “average” student, you would finish a Masters in one year two months (a Doctoral program would take two years four months). If you can put in more hours every week—or you could be classified as a ‘superior’ student, you would finish faster.

6. How do I get my books?

You purchase your own books from a variety of sources. In our standard Rushmore study program, this is your only extra cost. You may purchase your books from, any online bookseller, or even from your local University bookstore. If you send money directly to Rushmore, we can purchase an Gift Certificate for you, which you can, in turn, use to purchase your books.

7. I am from a poor country; can you increase the Scholarship money?

We receive many requests for additional Scholarships but we have only a limited pool of funds. We suggest that you approach your employer about paying some or all of your tuition fees since your employer will benefit from your increased knowledge and skills.

8. I don’t want to repeat courses I have already done at another University. Can I transfer my credits to Rushmore?

Yes. If you have published articles, please send a link where these can be viewed. If this is not available then send details of where and when your articles were published.   If you have credits from an unfinished degree program, send your Transcript to Fax # 1-815-301-3860.

For each credit approved for transfer, you will receive a reduction in tuition fees of $50 up to a maximum of one half of your degree cost (i.e. 15 credits @$50 = $750 for a Masters degree or 30 credits @ $50 = $1500 for a Doctoral degree). Please note that we do not allow credits for work experience but you can write papers, submit multimedia files or presentations about your work experience to earn credits.

9. I dropped out of my program a number of years ago after paying half my fees and I now want to restart. Can I do that and what will it cost?

Welcome back to Rushmore University. The funds you paid previously will be credited towards the current tuition fees.

10. Due to unexpected circumstances I have to quit my program; can I get a refund?

See “Guarantee” on our website.  The funds you have paid will be held in credit for you for when you are able to return to your program.

12. Can I call you?

Yes, of course. Our telephone number is 1-815-780-9012 or you can call me on Skype at rushmore.dan.  Please note, however, that the preferred method of communication is email because we often have to refer you to our website when answering your questions.

Also, even when you speak English fluently, accents can be difficult to understand… the written word by email will always get the fastest and most comprehensive answers to your questions.

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Rushmore University is a fully online University, offering both graduate and undergraduate degrees, certified/accredited in accordance with UK National Standards, as defined through Chartered Management Institute.