Associate Professors

“The Rushmore approach teaches you how to teach yourself - the most important academic lesson you will ever learn.”
Dr. Michael Cox

After you graduate from your program you may be eligible for an appointment to the position of Associate Professor of Rushmore University. To be considered for this honor, you must be the author of a published book or other significant project. An Associate Professor usually acts as an advisor for a Rushmore student who wants to study one of his or her books or related materials.

Morten Middelfart :: Rushmore University

Morten Middelfart

Middelfart - CALM :: Rushmore University

Professor Morten Middelfart is a PhD graduate (2004) from Denmark. In 2010 he completed his second PhD in Computer Science at Aalborg University. Since 1997 he has been CTO of TARGIT, a Danish software company that specializes in business intelligence and computerized decision making. As a computer scientist, his inventions have resulted in more than seven patents and patents pending. While a student at Rushmore in 2002, he published an article about Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, in Information Knowledge Systems Management.

His first book, CALM: Computer-Aided Leadership & Management: How Computers Can Unleash the Full Potential of Individuals and Organizations in a World of Chaos and Confusion, was published in 2005. Since then he has been commenting and lecturing on a number of occasions about computer innovation and CALM.

In his words: “Having worked in the business intelligence industry for more than a decade and in the computer industry for two decades, I have experienced my share of un-trustworthy systems where human judgment was needed to over-ride a computer’s analytical findings. However, looking at many of the business intelligence implementations in organizations I see today, I can’t help but wonder if this is the right time to take computing to a new level in organizations where we start trusting computers to achieve synergy rather than just simple efficiency.”

Leif Thomas Olsen :: Rushmore University

Leif Thomas Olsen

Olsen - Traffic: A Book About Culture :: Rushmore University
Traffic: A Book
About Culture

Leif Thomas Olsen is an international management consultant turned inequality researcher, studying cultures’ impact on multilateral cooperation and human interaction, as well as the relationship between the local and the global, the blend of which has been coined ‘glocalism.’

Professor Olsen completed his PhD in International Relations at Rushmore University in 2005. His PhD research focused on culture’s influences on multilateral cooperation, stressing the need for better understanding and respect for local societies’ culturally derived premises.

Prior to commencing his research, he worked for a quarter century as Controller, Management Consultant, Manager-for-hire and Management Training Consultant in Northern and Eastern Europe, North America and East Asia, with focus on transitional processes in both corporate and governmental environments. Among other assignments, Dr. Olsen worked in Eastern Europe in the immediate aftermath of the Soviet break-up and as a project manager in the World Bank’s first project in postwar Vietnam. Presently a freelance researcher based in Thailand, Professor Olsen aims at helping reform higher education in general, and higher business education in particular, to relate better to the needs of the student and the needs of the society in which he lives.

Professor Olsen is the author of Traffic, A Book about Culture. His Doctoral research focused on the influences of culture on multilateral cooperation, stressing the need for better understanding of and better respect for the culturally-derived premises of local societies. In 2005, he was appointed to Professor Tom Lambert’s international consulting network, the International Centre for Consulting Excellence.

Professor Olsen offers the following counsel to his students:  “We all grow up in a society that shapes our way of looking at the world and our fellow humans. Some are fortunate enough to have encountered a multitude of ideas and life styles already in their early years, while others have to seek such diversity at a more mature age. Rushmore is a good place to expand one’s horizons, to enlarge one’s individual intellectual wealth and to break new ground for personal enhancement. Rushmore is free from the constraints of ‘prefab’ education; we encourage individuals to spread their wings and challenge their abilities. This is how the world has developed so far and this is how the world will continue to develop. Join those who shape the future; join the intellectual community of independent minds who dare to challenge the stereotype.”

Georgette Boele :: Rushmore University

Georgette Boele

Boele - Strategic Market Analysis :: Rushmore University
Strategic Market Analysis

Georgette Boele is a Rushmore PhD graduate (2002) and Associate Professor. She works for ABN AMRO International Private Clients in Geneva, Switzerland.

Professor Boele is the author of Strategic Market Analysis: EUR/USD Interbank Market as Diversified Organization. It was published with the help of Professor Alan Guinn in 2002.

Jeff Roy :: Rushmore University

Jeff Roy

Roy - An Approach To Privatization In The 21st Century :: Rushmore University
An Approach to Privatization
in the 21st Century

Jeff Roy is a Senior Consultant for Aviation Safety Consultants of Colorado. He works with aviation companies throughout the United States, conducting audits of their safety programs and business practices. Additionally, he works with a number of law firms that specialize in aviation law and litigation, providing expert witness testimony on various types of cases. His managerial experience in government provides him with unique insight into management and the business of government, enabling him to help those students who are specializing in governmental studies.

Professor Roy’s educational background features a BS in Management from Southern New Hampshire University, a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma, a Master’s in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a PhD from Rushmore. His book, An Approach to Privatization in the 21st Century, is a complete study of governmental organizations and their history and work practices. It provides the reader with insight into how and why government works. This book is based on his PhD dissertation.

Elijah Chingosho :: Rushmore University

Elijah Chingosho

Chingosho - African Airlines In The Era Of Liberalisation :: Rushmore University
African Airlines in
the Era of Liberalisation

A Rushmore PhD graduate (2005), Elijah Chingosho is Technical Director for the African Airlines Association in Nairobi, Kenya. He is originally from Zimbabwe.

Dr Elijah Chingosho is an expert in the field of business, management studies, strategic management, transport management, airline engineering/maintenance, operations and safety. He graduated from Loughborough University of Technology, England with a Master of Engineering degree in Aeronautical Engineering and Design, University of South Africa with a Master of Commerce in Transport Economics, University of Zimbabwe with a Master of Business Administration and Warnborough University, Ireland with a Doctor of Business Administration and a Doctor of Philosophy in Strategic Management from Rushmore University. He has a Diploma in Airline Operations as well as a Diploma in Aviation Safety with the International Air Transport Association (IATA). He also has Diplomas in Road Transport, Distribution Management and Air Transport with the Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics.

Dr Chingosho has several years’ experience as a lecturer in various further education establishments as well as specialised courses in business, management, transport including airline operations and safety. He is also a part-time Management consultant specialising in strategic management, change management and assisting entrepreneurs with drawing up bankable business plans. He is currently employed as the Technical and Training Director by the African Airlines Association, an industry professional body representing the interests of the 40 largest airlines in Africa.

Dr Elijah Chingosho is a Chartered Engineer with the United Kingdom Engineering Council, a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

Dr Chingosho has authored a number of books including “African Airlines in the Era of Liberalisation,” “Elementary Aircraft Propulsion,” “Strategic Management” and “General Management” (for the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators-Zimbabwe), journal articles and conference papers on a wide variety of subjects from turnaround strategies for organisations, professional skills for instructors, cost management and reduction strategies, change management, risk management, human factors in aviation and aviation safety and security. Dr Chingosho is one of the top business book reviewers in the world at

“Rushmore University has helped me by providing me with deeper understanding of some of the critical aspects of running an organisation, such as strategic management, general management, leadership skills and providing quality service to customers.

Before he started the program, he said, “The attainment of a Doctoral degree confers prestige and status, which should enhance my power and influence with various stakeholders, thereby enhancing my success at the top. Rushmore University gives me the freedom to focus my learning in those areas that will directly help me achieve my major goal. Being a busy executive, I need a university that will provide me with a flexible format so that I can do the course without having to leave my job.”

Erik Myhrberg :: Rushmore University

Erik Myhrberg

Myhrberg - A Practical Field Guide for AS9100C :: Rushmore University
A Practical Fieldguide
for AS9100C
Myhrberg - A Practical Field Guide for ISO 9001:2008 :: Rushmore UniversityA Practical Fieldguide
for ISO 9001:2008

A native of Arizona, Professor Myhrberg has a PhD in International Business (2004) from Rushmore University and a Masters in International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird). After studying in Stockholm, Sweden, he returned to Arizona to attend Arizona State University, where he completed his BS in International Marketing. He was the recipient of the first international scholarship offered by the College of Business and completed the International Business Certificate. He also studied Civil Engineering while serving in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and completed an eight-year tour of duty with his unit.

Professor Myhrberg has been involved in technical marketing and operations with such multi-national firms as IBM and American Express. He was the co-founder of the Moorhill International Group, an Arizona-based firm dedicated to fostering international relations through commerce and cultural exchange. He currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer. The Moorhill Monitor is a quarterly electronic newsletter he publishes to provide clients and colleagues with interesting and up-to-date articles and summaries on industry changes, trends and innovations. The publication is utilized as a tool for complementing client-company dialog. Professor Myhrberg has written many articles and papers on such topics as international standards, technical marketing and international commerce.

He is the author of A Practical Field Guide for ISO 9001:2000. He is registered as a Lead Auditor under the ISO 9001 International Quality Management System (QMS) series of standards through IRCA (A9899), as well as an EMS Auditor under the ISO 14001 International Environmental Management System (EMS) series of standards through IEMA (1033A). He is also a Practicing Auditor under OHSAS 18001 (HSMS) and ISO 27001 (ISMS) Information Security.

Since his return to Arizona in 1984, he has been active in his community in various civic and professional organizations. He volunteers with the Boy Scouts of America, is a lifetime member of Pi Sigma Epsilon and serves as past president of the Thunderbird Alumni Association, Arizona Chapter. He is an active ambassador of Promise Keepers and a certified rescue diver under PADI. He resides with his wife and two children in Tempe, Arizona, where they all practice martial arts.

Larry Bauman :: Rushmore University

Larry A. Bauman

Bauman - Sales Made Easy :: Rushmore University
Sales Made Easy

Larry Bauman is a 2004 PhD graduate in Behavioral Economics. He is the author of The Selling Game: Making the Right Moves, Sales Made Easy and Counting Your Wins. He is CEO and Founder of Phoenix Business Consulting of Buffalo Grove, Illinois.
He says: “I chose Rushmore University for the flexibility it provides, the challenge it demands, its affordability and the quality of the faculty.” Here is an excerpt from an e-mail Larry sent to a prospective student: “I had all the same questions when I started this program in 2002. It has been a good decision for me. It has been cost-effective, but there is a substantial time commitment. I spend about two and one-half to three hours per day reading and researching and then writing the papers. I adjusted my schedule to do this in the early morning, between 5:00 am and 8:00 am. I have had a few problems with Internet communications, but all in all, I have to say it has been a great experience.”

“Not only will I have another book at the end of the program, I will also have a degree that will mean something for my consulting practice. I researched online universities extensively prior to choosing Rushmore. Most were programs that held little interest for me and were very expensive. My father-in-law, a Professor at the University of Missouri, found Rushmore and thought the program format was excellent. It was perfect for my situation. I have been able to tailor my program for personal growth at an affordable price. My Advisor in Italy has been super and very supportive through the process, tough but fair.”

Wayne Lotherington :: Rushmore University

Wayne Lotherington

Lotherington - Flicking Your Creative Switch :: Rushmore University
Flicking Your
Creative Switch

Professor Lotherington is a PhD graduate (2005). He is the Founder and CEO of Allsorts Habit Creation in Singapore. He is a skilled facilitator, a published author, a motivating speaker and the director of four private learning academies. Businesses all over the world have benefited from his energetic and creative approach.

Dr. Lotherington, also known as “The Switch Doctor,” is the author of Flicking Your Creative Switch and co-author of The Innovation Pipeline. He is an experienced communications professional, who developed his skills over many years in education and advertising in Australia and Asia. He holds degrees in Economics, Education, and a MBA and a PhD in Business Creativity. He is our Professor of Creativity.

Colin Wimpory

Professor Colin Wimpory is our Professor of International Banking and Finance. He is qualified to grade papers submitted in Spanish as well as those in English.

His academic and practitioner activities include:

  • Studies in England, Italy, Germany and Finland
  • Work in Europe and the Americas
  • Recruitment of students into UK postgraduate management studies
  • Setting up exchanges with business schools in Spain and Portugal
  • Devising and editing learning materials for international publications
  • Tutoring based in 49 jurisdictions
  • Delivering face-to-face courses to students in Hong Kong, Jersey, Netherlands and the UK
  • Supervising distance-learning Master’s students in Argentina, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the UK and Mainland Europe

Professor Wimpory is proud of his connection with Rushmore University. He was our first Doctoral graduate. He resides in the United Kingdom.

Charles Caldwell :: Rushmore University

Charles Caldwell

Professor Caldwell is a Canadian living in Hong Kong. For several years, he was accountable for overseeing all aspects of human resources activities in the greater Asia-Pacific region for Rockwell International, a multi-national high-technology company. He is now the Human Resources Director of Juniper Networks in Hong Kong.

He completed the MBA degree in a joint program between the Kellogg Graduate School of Management of Northwestern University and the School of Business and Management of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His focus of study was the Internet and E-commerce.

Angelo Antonio Macuacua :: Rushmore University

Angelo Antonio Macuacua

Professor Ângelo António Macuácua, PhD, is Vice Rector for Administration and Resources at Eduardo Mondlane University, the oldest and the largest university in Mozambique. He is also Professor of Accounting at the Faculty of Economics. Professor Macuacua’s work experience includes Taxation, accounting and financial consulting, and is Member of Advisory Bodies of Tax Authority of Mozambique and Mozambique Insurance Supervision Institute, as Expert of Recognized Merit.

He earned his PhD in Business Administration from Rushmore University in 2003, with a concentration in Financial Accounting. He published a book based on his dissertation, Mozambican Economic Development: The Need for a Strengthened Accounting Infrastructure. His second book regarding Tax Administration will come soon. Professor Macuacua advises students doing courses in Portuguese. He lives in Maputo, Mozambique.

Hiroshi Fukushii ;; Rushmore University

Hiroshi Fukushi

Fukushi - A Strategic Approach to the Environmentally Sustainable Business :: Rushmore University
A Strageic Approach
to the Environmentally
Sustainable Business

Professor Fukushi completed his MBA online at Southern Queensland University in Australia. He started his PhD program at Rushmore in 2004 and completed it in 2006. He had spent almost 4000 hours and four years completing the online MBA program and was not sure he could get a PhD within 1200 hours, an average amount for the Rushmore degree. He states: “The online program at Rushmore was totally different from my experience at Southern Queensland. There were no examinations nor compulsory programs, neither of which a professional with a decent educational background needs. A second difference was my assignment to an excellent Advisor who coached me by the Oxford Tutorial Method. My Advisor, Professor Donald Mitchell, demanded high quality and quantity in my studies. Third, my editor was an expert in English. After having worked with her for 18 months, I feel much more confident with my English.”

“Rushmore required that I write a life plan and state how I would use the PhD program for that purpose. I laid out my money plan and life goals and then selected categories of study. Now I am confident that I have done everything that I planned and I believe that everything I learned at Rushmore will pay off.  I received a PhD in Environmentally Sustainable Business. With my colleagues I am going to write a book on this subject, using my dissertation as source material. My company’s sales and profits have quadrupled in the past three and one-half years and within the next 18 months they will be ten times higher.”

“The learning experience at Rushmore has significantly contributed to an increase in my ability, especially in strategic planning. Rushmore is not a self-accredited university; it is an independently accredited university that aims to establish a person’s ability by maximizing his or her competitiveness. The other day I laughed to myself when I took a look at a website that advertised a certified MBA program. I thought: ‘What was it certified for? A degree is a degree and requires no certification at all!’ This example showed how meaningless it is to value certification on an MBA or PhD program. I believe that the only way to certify a school’s ability to educate a person to function at the level of a MBA graduate is results, not certification. I will try to establish my goals and ultimately improve my ability. To achieve this, I have made a lifetime commitment to continuing study, even after graduation from Rushmore University.”

Dr. Fukushi is the author of A Strategic Approach to the Environmentally Sustainable Business.

Annia Lichota

A Rushmore PhD graduate (2006), Ania Lichota is a Director at UBS Investment Bank. She is based in London and leads a global team responsible for setting up bank branches in emerging markets such as Mexico, Russia, China and India.

Professor Lichota was born in Poland long before the collapse of the Iron Curtain in 1990. She has seen, from the inside, the socio-economic changes of Central and Eastern European countries as they have developed into young democracies and market economies. She has witnessed firsthand the elements of this change and the human reactions to it.

Before UBS, Ania worked for seven years for GE Commercial and Consumer Finance, where she integrated newly-acquired businesses into GE and led change initiatives across Europe.  Her global experiences have enabled her to appreciate how societies and employees cope with significant changes in their work and lives.

She attributes the flexibility of the Rushmore program as the key to the successful completion of her PhD while simultaneously carrying out a demanding and challenging job.  Studying for the PhD while working also allowed her to understand and appreciate cross-cultural managerial styles and to deal with cultural differences and the challenges associated with expatriate assignments.

Graduates of Rushmore are hired, promoted and earn raises at Fortune 500 and other organizations because of what they learn and learn to apply within their programmes.