“The Rushmore approach teaches you how to teach yourself - the most important academic lesson you will ever learn.”
Dr. Michael Cox

Our faculty will provide you with excellent models for business and personal success. They are extraordinarily accomplished individuals. Most of them have had books published. Others are (or have been) successful entrepreneurs and CEOs. They will coach, mentor, advise and inspire you. They have been chosen for our faculty because of their real-world business experiences, not just their academic degrees.

Dr. Alan Guinn :: Rushmore University

Alan Guinn

Psyched For Life by Alan Guinn :: Rushmore University
Psyched for Life

Professor Guinn is the Managing Director and CEO of the Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc. During his career he has been named a Fortune 500 Business Development Guru, awarded multiple “Who’s Who” listings, honored as a “Best Boss” and named a 2006-07 Fellow in the International Centre for Consulting Excellence. His business experience extends across several IPO and PPM filings and placements.  His specialty areas include Human Resources and Marketing.

He serves in leadership positions on several Corporate, Educational and Advisory Boards, including the Rushmore Board of Governors. Professor Guinn is the Dean of Graduate Studies for Rushmore University.

Professor Guinn offers this simple welcome to new and potential Rushmore students:

“If you’re destined for success, you’ve found the right address.”

Les Livingstone :: Rushmore University

John “Les” Livingstone

The Portable MBA by Les Livingstone :: Rushmore University
The Portable MBA
in Finance and

Professor Livingstone has published over ten books, more than 40 articles in professional periodicals and several chapters in authoritative handbooks. His latest books are Guide to Business Valuation and The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting. He has directed his own national consulting firm, specializing in litigation services, and is a recognized expert in accounting, business damages and business valuation. His qualifications include a CPA (licensed in New York and Texas), a CVA (certified in business valuation) and an MBA and a PhD in accounting and economics from Stanford University.

Professor Livingstone’s teaching positions include the Arthur Young Distinguished Professor of Accounting at Ohio State University, the Fuller E. Callaway Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology and  Professor and Chairman of the Division of Accounting and Law at Babson College. He has been a featured speaker at a number of litigation services conferences around the United States and has received numerous fellowships and awards. He resides in West Palm Beach, Florida.

According to Professor Livingstone, “Rushmore provides its students with one-on-one faculty contact via the Internet. I consider this ‘high tech/high touch’ approach to be a major innovation in education, a field in which innovation has been hard to come by. In my opinion, Rushmore is very successful at making the students’ programs highly personal by having each student begin with writing his or her biography, future goals and objectives and then integrating these into their planned studies, which are customized to fit each student.”

Donald Mitchell :: Rushmore University

Donald Mitchell

Donald Mitchell - The 2000 Percent Solution :: Rushmore University
The 2000 Percent
Donald Mitchell - The Irresistible Growth Enterprise :: Rushmore University
The Irresistible
Growth Enterprise
Adventures of an Optimist - Donald Mitchel :: Rushmore University
Adventures of
an Optimist

Professor Mitchell is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mitchell and Company, a management consulting firm established in 1977 which specializes in business strategy and financial consulting for major companies. His firm’s clients are found predominately among the nation’s 200 largest corporations. One instance of his firm’s success is that since 1977 Mitchell and Company’s clients have increased their share values by more than $37 billion, faster than the Standard and Poor’s 500 Average has risen, as a result of implementation of the firm’s recommendations.

In 1981, Professor Mitchell founded Mitchell Investment Management Company, a firm specializing in acquisitions. He also serves as its President. Professor Mitchell’s clients are primarily entrepreneurs and successful executives in major corporations. Prior to founding Mitchell and Company, Professor Mitchell was Director of Strategic Planning for Heublein, and prior to that, he was a project manager at the Boston Consulting Group. Professor Mitchell is co-author of The 2000 Percent Solution: Free Your Organization from “Stalled” Thinking to Achieve Exponential Success. We recommend his course based on this book, 1120 Mitchell on Exponential Business Success, as one of the first courses every student should take.

Mitchell - Excellent Solutions :: Rushmore University

He is also co-author of The Irresistible Growth Enterprise: Breakthrough Gains from Unstoppable Change, and The Ultimate Competitive Advantage: Secrets of Continually Developing a More Profitable Business Model. He has been quoted by Business Week, Chief Executive magazine, Dun’s Business Month, Financial World, Forbes, Fortune, Institutional Investor, Money, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, ABC News and United Press International regarding business strategy and investments. Mr. Mitchell is listed in many biographical references, including Who’s Who in the World. He has published over 20 articles on the above subjects and is also the number one reviewer of business books at Amazon.com.

Professor Mitchell has an AB degree (magna cum laude) from Harvard College and a JD degree from Harvard Law School. While studying for his JD degree, he attended the Harvard Business School and pursued the field of marketing. He lives in the Boston area.

Domenic Cianflone :: Rushmore University

Dr. Domenic Cianflone, BCom, MBA, PhD, CMA

President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Cianflone is the founder of Synergy Management Consulting Inc.  His industry experience covers distribution, professional services, pharmaceutical, and staffing.  His areas of expertise are management consulting, strategic planning, logistics operations, balanced scorecards, activity-based management, leadership training, corporate governance, and recruitment.  Throughout his career, he has directed numerous projects in strategy, financial management, and human resource management.

 Dr. Cianflone is a lecturer at the Schulich School of Business at York University, the University of Toronto Mississauga, and Wilfrid Laurier University.  He has held teaching appointments at Ryerson University and Humber College.  His teaching specializations include management accounting, strategic leadership, financial analysis, and finance for non-financial managers.  He is a published author and lectures in both undergraduate and graduate programs.  In addition, he has been a speaker on ethical leadership and recruitment best practices.
Dr. Cianflone is a member of the CMA Ontario Board of Governors, is a member of the CMA Ontario Governance and Nominating Committee, and is a level four Hockey Canada referee. He is the author of a specialty Rushmore MBA track program in Strategic Management Accounting.
“Strategic Planning:  Evolution of the corporate budgeting process.”  Mississauga Board of Trade Magazine, August 2008

Employee or Self-Employed Worker – Know where Canada Revenue Agency draws line.”  The Bottom Line, March 2008

William Rouse :: Rushmore University

William Rouse

William Rouse - Start Where You Are :: Rushmore University
Start Where
You Are
William Rouse - Don't Jump To Solutions :: Rushmore University
Don’t Jump to

Dr. Bill Rouse has been an author, entrepreneur, researcher and educator. He is a professor in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and holds a joint appointment within the College of Computing. He also serves as Executive Director of the university-wide Tennenbaum Institute for Enterprise Transformation. His PhD is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Rouse has written hundreds of journal articles, book chapters and many books, among them: Don’t Jump to Solutions; Start Where You Are; Best Laid Plans; Catalysts for Change; Strategies for Innovation– Creating Successful Products, Systems, and Organizations;  and Design for Success– A Human-Centered Approach to Designing Successful Products and Systems.

He is co-editor of the best-selling Handbook of Systems Engineering and Management and co-editor of the management journal, Information —Knowledge – Systems Management, and its online version, IKSM Online. Dr. Rouse does not act as an Advisor to students; he teaches through his books.

David Marcinko :: Rushmore University

David Edward Marcinko

Professor Marcinko is a surgeon, a healthcare economist and a financial-planning evangelist, working with students in these areas as well as the areas of healthcare management, administration and healthcare practice management. Professor Marcinko is also interested in working with students who are professionals in the areas of tax planning, accounting advice, appraisals, practice valuations, healthcare technology, practice enhancement and management, investment consulting, retirement and estate planning, and health-law advising. He is very interested in helping students publish papers, especially educational materials and books relating to the US healthcare system in the areas above.

Dr. Marcinko has published the following books: The Business of Medical Practice: Advanced Profit Maximization Techniques for Savvy Doctors, The Financial Planning Handbook for Physicians: An Integrated Approach, The Business of Medical Practice: Profit Maximizing Skills for Savvy Doctors, Insurance and Risk Management Strategies for Physicians and Advisors: A Strategic Approach, and Financial Planning for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals, 2001: Economic Survival Skills in the Era of Managed Care.

Dr. Marcinko has been CEO of MBA, Inc., since the company’s inception in 2003. He has degrees and diplomas from Loyola College in Baltimore, Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago and the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia. As a clinician and past president of a privately held regional physicians’ practice management corporation in the Midwest, he helped consolidate 95 solo medical practices with $50 million in revenues. A nationally recognized leader in the health and financial information services industry, he is a pioneer in utilizing technology to improve quality education while simultaneously reducing delivery costs. Previously, he was also the managing partner of a successful ambulatory surgery center and the interim Chief Visionary Officer for a B2B telecommunications firm.

Initially, a devotee of pedagogy, Dr. Marcinko became an apostle of adult-learners, using the andragogica and heutagogic principles of MBA, Inc. His intuitive speaking, writing, and on-ground, on-line platform teaching roles offer a unique perspective to many diverse industry segments. His most recent books contain celebrity forewords by luminaries such as Frank Cappiello of Wall Street with Louis Rukeyser TV fame;  Ahmad Hashem, Global Healthcare Productivity Manager of Microsoft; Lloyd M. Krieger, MD, of the UCLA School of Medicine; and Richard D. Helppie, CEO and Founder of the Superior Consultant Corporation. Dr. Marcinko resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Eugene Valentijn :: Rushmore University

Eugene Valentijn

Professor Valentijn is Rushmore’s Ambassador to Europe, promoting our programs and looking for joint ventures with other schools and organizations there. He has extensive experience as a consultant and has focused on the areas of re-engineering, mergers and reorganizations. Professor Valentijn has published articles on change management, leadership, coaching, project management and process management.

Professor Valentijn is CEO and Managing Director of The International University of Entrepreneurship. He is also CEO of a consultancy company, SILA Human Organization, in the Netherlands. He runs a special program in process management and culture behavior for project managers in public organizations. He also does research in Europe about the way project work is conducted in public organizations. He is currently writing a book about this material that will be printed in both Dutch and English. Professor Valentijn lives in the Netherlands.

Rakesh Sondhi :: Rushmore University

Rakesh Sondhi

Rakesh Sondhi - Total Strategy :: Rushmore University
Total Strategy
Rakesh Sondhi - TVP: Comprehensive Boxing Concepts :: Rushmore University
TVP Comprehensive
Boxing Concepts

Rakesh Sondhi is Managing Director of BMC Global Services, a management consultancy firm specializing in business strategy. He is also Program Director at the London Business School and a member of the Visiting Executive Faculty at Henley Management College.  He has 22 years of management and strategy experience in senior management positions with blue chip companies, covering the financial services, aviation, agricultural machine, automotive, apparel, IT, biotech and food sectors.

A business strategy and change management specialist, Professor Sondhi is the author of Total Strategy, a practical applications-based book on strategic thinking. His many years of experience in senior management positions have demonstrated a creative, thought provoking and challenging mind. As a former editor of ConCise, an East European aviation journal, he has insight into Eastern European markets. He also is a regular contributor to the leading South African management journal, Management Today.

Professor Sondhi is responsible for developing strategy and undertaking client projects related to strategic change management and economic issues for a broad variety of clients. His current area of focus is the development of learning within companies as a resource towards implementing a corporate strategy and also the development of profitable growth in organizations. Presently, he is assisting a variety of SME’s from Scotland through Scottish Enterprises on a program of globalization.

Professor Sondhi’s areas of interest include creative strategic thinking, business transformation and developing leadership using techniques from the sports environment. He has authored a book on boxing and martial arts, TVP Comprehensive Boxing Concepts. He used this experience for the development of innovative leadership development programs using martial arts and soccer as a vehicle for learning.

Professor Sondhi lectures on MBA and executive programs and has developed a number of workshops for senior executives. He has provided training programs for international companies and delivered these programs on a worldwide basis. He lives in Nottingham, England.

E.W. (Bill) Brody :: Rushmore University

E.W. (Bill) Brody

Brody - Communication Tomorrow :: Rushmore University

Dr. Brody is the author of over ten books, including The Business of Public Relations, Public Relations Programming and Production, Communicating for Survival: Coping with Diminishing Human Resources, Public Relations Writing, Professional Practice Development: Meeting the Competitive Challenge, Managing Communication Processes: From Planning to Crisis Response, Communication Tomorrow: New Audiences, New Technologies, New Media and Public Relations Research. He has also published numerous articles on public relations.

He earned his doctorate from Memphis State University, where he has taught public relations and journalism since 1982. He holds an MA from California State University and an ED from Memphis State University. He is accredited by the Public Relations Society and the International Association of Business Communications.

Professor Brody has also been an instructor for the Center of Government Training at the University of Tennessee.  He has held multiple management training programs and seminars for state and regional hospitals and hospital associations. Dr. Brody has received numerous awards and citations throughout his career, including the President’s citation for Service to the Public Relations Society of America from 1987 through 1990 and a Lifetime Achievement Award (Memphis Chapter) from the Public Relations Society of America in 2005. Dr. Brody is currently the president of PerformaX in Memphis, where he resides.

Mark Spence :: Rushmore University

Mark Spence

Prior to his doctoral program in Marketing, Mark Spence was a Program Manager at a market research firm in the Silicon Valley, specializing in high technology products. In this role he developed regression-based forecasting models. Dr. Spence is the co-founder of the Business Plan Academy. In this capacity, he reviews business plans and makes strategy recommendations for start-up organizations.

His PhD program at the University of Arizona emphasized marketing strategy and behavioral research. He earned his MA in Economics at San Jose State University. Dr. Spence has taught Consumer Behavior, Marketing Communications, Market Research, Marketing Management and Business Research Methods. He has published in the Journal of Marketing Research, Business Horizons, The European Journal of Marketing, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and The Journal of Consumer Research.

Lawrence Leigh :: Rushmore University

Laurence Leigh

Professor Leigh holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He also earned a MBA from the London Business School and a MA in Economics from Queens’ College at the University of Cambridge. He is a member of the faculty of the Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut. Before that he taught at various business schools in Europe and the United States and did executive training for organizations such as the International Labor Organization, the Italian Government Institute for Foreign Trade and the Fiat Group.

Professor Leigh has acted as a consultant to US and European firms on international trade and marketing. His expertise includes corporate strategy and planning, market research, financial analysis and new enterprise development, where he has been involved in the development of two successful start-ups. His consulting has covered the food and drink, healthcare, financial services and air transportation industries. He has published articles in prestigious journals, such as the Journal of Marketing Research, The Transportation Journal and Marketing Management. As co-author with one of his Rushmore students, he recently published an article in the International Journal of Emerging Markets which was based on a Rushmore course paper. He advises Master’s, MBA, DBA and PhD students doing practical, theoretical and research courses. When not in Lebanon, he resides in Torino and Rapallo, Italy. He works part-time for Rushmore.

He states: “I was originally attracted to Rushmore by its flexible style and educational philosophy. While I liked teaching business as a career in the US, I was always put off by the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach of the large universities and yearned for the ‘tutorial’ style that I enjoyed as an undergraduate at Cambridge. Thanks to Rushmore and the Internet, I can now teach in a similar way, and from anywhere in the world where I happen to be!”

Robert Donnelly :: Rushmore University

Robert M. Donnelly

Donnelly - Guidebook To Planning :: Rushmore University
Guidebook to

Donnelly - Personal Brand Planning for Life :: Rushmore University
Personal Brand
Planning for Life

The Definitive
Guide to
Brand Building

Professor Donnelly (www.doctorbusiness.com) has been teaching at the graduate business level for 25 years, primarily in MBA and EMBA programs. He has developed the following graduate level courses: Entrepreneurship, The Management of Innovation, Internet Marketing and Marketing Strategy. In addition, he teaches Organizational Behavior, Strategic Planning and Niche Marketing. His students have consistently rated his courses as one of the best, if not the best, courses they have taken. He also conducts a number of independent study courses, working one-on-one with executives and students on their individual requirements.

Professor Donnelly has developed and delivered executive briefings and seminars for Business Week, magazine, Frost and Sullivan, YEO and other well known organizations. He was featured in USA Today for his work with the Inc. 500. He is part of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies of the NYU Stern Graduate School of Business, where he is a New Venture Mentor, Marketing Strategy Advisor and Business Plan Developer.

He is the author of Guidebook to Planning – A Common Sense Approach to Building Business Plans for Growing Firms, which has recently been reprinted. He is also Editor of The Entrepreneurial CEO column for the magazine, Chief Executive, where he answers questions from CEO’s online. Additionally, he is one of the business experts of Business Week OnLine and answers questions from small business owners. Professor Donnelly resides in New York City.

Professor Donnelly has recently published his third book, The Definitive Guide to Brand Building, which explores the notion that “Marketing is the battle for the customers mind. The goal for any brand is to own a share of customer’s minds – a position in their mental product grid that has value to the customer and the company that owns the brand.” Click to download an informational flyer.

These are his comments to potential Rushmore students: “I look forward to working with Rushmore students and sharing my wealth of experience and years of working with diverse businesses around the world on a myriad of issues. While most of my work has been in the area of developing marketing strategy and building business plans, I have also consulted on creativity, innovation and management. I believe that the greatest value that Rushmore offers is the opportunity to learn from world class experts and educators that can customize courses or independent study experiences to individual student requirements. I do not know of another University that has such unique educational options on such a global scale.”

Bashar Elkhatib :: Rushmore University

Bashar Elkhatib

Professor Elkhatib received his BS degree in Computer Science from UAE University and his MS degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) from Ferris State University.  He is currently enrolled in North Central University in the Business Administration MIS PhD program.  Professor Elkhatib is an MIS analyst and training expert.  He is currently a Technical Program Manager at Intel’s IT People Development and Training Division, where he has worked since 2000.  Before that he worked for international technology-related companies in Michigan and California.  He lives in California.

Mark Taylor :: Rushmore University

Mark Taylor

Taylor - Computerized Shipping Systems :: Rushmore University
Shipping Systems

Professor Taylor is the CEO of Taylor Systems Engineering Corporation, a technology and consulting firm that helps organizations save money in their shipping and warehouse operations. In addition, he is a professional business speaker and business coach. His personal life vision is to make a significant difference in the workplace by eliminating suffering. He speaks on a range of topics from technology and logistics to leadership, management, coaching and learning. His interest in leadership, management and coaching began when he noticed the disparity of individual performance and the amount of associated suffering.

Professor Taylor spent ten years as a corporate manager for a Fortune 500 office equipment company. In 1989 he completed two years of the Ontological Design Course, a study of education, philosophy, language, biology of cognition, human communication, management, leadership, design and coaching that was taught by an international team of scientists, educators and philosophers, including the founder, Dr. Fernando Flores.

Professor Taylor is considered to be the nation’s authority on increasing productivity in the warehouse, with 25 years experience consulting more than 10,000 organizations, including Unisys, Ford, General Electric, the United States Postal Service, DHL and Standard Register Corporation. He is the author of Computerized Shipping Systems: Increasing Profit and Productivity through Technology. Professor Taylor is in demand as a speaker at major industry events. He is also a frequent contributor to numerous industry publications, including Operations and Fulfillment, MAIL, Frontline Solutions, and Parcel Shipping and Distribution. He is a member of the International Council on Systems Engineering, the Council of Logistics Management and The Executive Committee. He resides in Plymouth, Michigan.

Gary J. Smith :: Rushmore University

Gary J. Smith

Smith - Becoming A High Impact Candidate :: Rushmore University
Becoming a

Professor Smith has extensive experience in human resource management. He has been a member of DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business faculty since 1991, where he teaches graduate courses in organizational development, strategic human resources management, human resources planning, recruiting,and selection, training and career development; In addition to his DePaul assignment, in 2001 Professor Smith joined the faculty of the College of Business of the University of Colorado. He facilitates and leads corporate and classroom seminars, using Myers-Briggs, Covey’s Seven Habits, Assessment Centers and Targeted Selection.  He is the author of the E-book, Becoming a High-Impact Candidate.

Since 1989 Professor Smith has been the Managing Partner in the retained executive search firm of Smith, Scott and Associates, specializing in the placement of senior HR executives for Fortune 500 companies. Prior to entering the executive search field, Professor Smith spent 15 years in corporate Human Resources assignments with roles such as Director of Staffing with Pepsi Cola International, Director of Human Resources with A. O. Smith Corporation and Manager of Human Resources with American Hospital Supply. Prior to forming Smith, Scott and Associates, Professor Smith was Managing Director for Chicago Operations at a national firm and specialized in the Information Technology field. Professor Smith holds a MBA from Marquette University.  He lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

He states: “One of the greatest things about teaching at Rushmore is that I’m able to dedicate more individual time to each student than in a ‘traditional’ classroom teaching scenario. While working with my Rushmore students, I am able to dedicate two concentrated hours on each student. I have never been able to invest that much individual time per student. With typical class size of 30 to 45 students, you can imagine the time investment that would be required.  Consequently, at Rushmore I find myself having the time to not only teach, but also to counsel students. The output of that effort, the increasing quality of the student ‘work product,’ is what makes the extra time spent so worthwhile.”

Patrick Robinson :: Rushmore University

Patrick (Pat) Robinson

Professor Robinson graduated from the Harvard University School of Business with a MBA and earned his BE at McGill University in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. He also earned a MA in Applied Economics and completed all but his dissertation for the PhD in the Applied Economics program, both at the University of Pennsylvania. At the Union Institute he completed all the work but his dissertation in the PhD Program in Interactive Management. He completed his PhD at Rushmore in 2002. He also has a CMA from the University of Toronto.

Professor Robinson is the author of six books and over 50 other publications. He taught at the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania for over ten years and also at Drexel University. During this time he taught research design, strategic thinking, marketing, corporate growth and product policy, marketing policy, buyer behavior, logistics, management science, research design and sales management. He has been the Research Director of the Marketing Science Institute and Head of Integrated Operations Planning for Mobil Oil. He has also run his own consulting company. He resides in the Philadelphia area.

He believes: “What Rushmore lacks in the way of brick and mortar walls and a formal quadrangle is more than offset by an evolving sense of community and shared scholarship. Well defined objectives and rapid convergence on information sharing and critical student-faculty exchanges encourage a sense of community and convergent purpose. There are few impediments to individual growth and intellectual development when students have ready access to a global community of scholars, realistic case applications and proven methodologies.”

Larry Bauman :: Rushmore University

Larry A. Bauman

Bauman - Sales Made Easy :: Rushmore University
Sales Made Easy

Professor Bauman holds a PhD in Behavioral Economics from Rushmore, a Bachelor of Arts from Emory University and a postgraduate certificate from Texas Tech.

He is the author of Sales Made Easy: 62 Strategies That Work, Counting Your Wins: Strategies for Sales Management, and The Selling Game: Making the Right Moves. Professor Bauman is CEO and Founder of Phoenix Business Consulting of Buffalo Grove, Illinois. He resides in Vernon Hills, Illinois, near Chicago.

Henry Zhao :: Rushmore University

Henry Zhao

Professor Zhao is currently Head of Global Information Technology at Monolithic Power Systems, a high-tech company in Silicon Valley, California. He is responsible for Global IT Strategies and Operations, Business Applications (ERP, CRM, SCM, BI etc) and IT Infrastructure Services. He also worked as Director of Engineering at KPMG Consulting and has extensive experience in strategic planning and engineering program management for software product development or IT integration, telecommunications and the imaging instrumentation industry. He has managed numerous software projects and a multi-million-dollar software development and integration program. He also has expertise in a number of industries, including AIP/ASP, biomedical imaging and telecommunications and has worked as a Software Engineer, Project Manager and a Scientific Programmer. Professor Zhao’s abilities in innovative technology development have resulted in patents in imaging instrumentation and wireless communication.

His education includes a BS in Electronic Engineering from the Harbin University of Technology, in China. As a winner of the British Council Technical Cooperation Award, he was among 110 selected from over 270,000 graduates in China, to pursue higher degrees in the UK. He completed a MS in Electronic Engineering and a PhD in Instrumentation and Analytical Science at the University of Manchester, UK. He resides in San Jose, California.

Richard Priestley :: Rushmore University

Richard Priestley

Professor Priestley is the Director of RHC Health Consulting, which is a successful independent consultancy company that he founded in 2003. He has worked with a range of clients in the public and private sectors of health and social care. He has extensive experience in public sector and healthcare management and in leading organizations through major change programs. He has also carried out assignments in several European countries and is working presently with a number of non-governmental organizations in Africa and Asia.

His key areas of expertise include leadership and organizational change and development, business case development, partnership working on a cross section basis, facilitating public-private partnerships, project management, developing strategic and business plans, reviews of managerial and clinical services, supporting change management and executive team development. He previously worked for many years in the National Health Service of the UK, including 25 years as Chief Officer and Chief Executive of a number of Health Authorities.

He completed his DBA at Rushmore University, having previously graduated as MBA from Strathclyde University and LLB from Manchester University in the UK. He is a visiting Professor at Staffordshire University and has written and published widely on issues relating to health policy and health management. He has visited health services in many countries and lectured and presented at conferences in the UK, Europe and the Far East. Professor Priestley has also been a temporary consultant with the World Health Organization in Europe. He resides in Shropshire, United Kingdom.

Kaleel Sakakeeny :: Rushmore University

Kaleel Sakakeeny

Professor Sakakeeny specializes in tourism and travel journalism. For the last 20 years, he has provided travel insights and observations to the travel industry and consumers as the family travel editor at Travel Weekly and the senior travel writer for the award-winning Boston Parents Paper. He was travel editor at Metro and on-air travel correspondent for Business Radio 1060, where his travel broadcasts known as Audio Postcards/Travel Minutes were heard weekly. Today, Professor Sakakeeny has a regular column in Metro, reaching some 10 million readers and producing travel for XM Satellite Radio on 15 channels, including E!, CNN, Fox News and ABC News. He has provided family travel tips and tales to viewers of American Baby at WCVB-TV (Boston), WBZ-TV (Boston) and WFX-TV (New England).

Professor Sakakeeny was the Associate Publisher and Vice President of the successful, internationally distributed, up-scale life-style magazine, The Robb Report, and the writer-producer for The Travel Channel’s award-winning Designs on Travel. He has received national awards from both the Society of American Travel Writers and the Public Broadcasting System. He was also a correspondent for National Public Radio, Monitor Radio, Associated Press and other broadcast outlets, covering northern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, often reporting from conflict situations. As Director of Marketing and Sales for PowerProse.com, he has helped international clients define, promote and brand their organizations through on- and off-line strategies and customized content.

Professor Sakakeeny frequently conducts worldwide presentations for the travel industry, identifying market trends and consumer travel preferences. He has a BA in English and a MA and MS in Communications, Speech and Creative Writing. He lives in Boston.

Al Hennon :: Rushmore University

Al Hennon

Dr. Hennon is our Professor of Educational Administration. He has spent 30 years in education. In 1995 he was named Superintendent of Schools for the Massillon City School System, Ohio. Under Ohio Law this office functions as a CEO for the school corporation. He is in charge of approximately 750 employees and a $40 million dollar budget.

He earned his BA in Secondary Education and Economics in 1977 from Geneva College, his MD in Educational Administration and his Principal’s certification, while serving as a local Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent, from the University of Dayton. He earned his PhD in Educational Administration from Rushmore in 2005.

He believes: “Those leaders who are insightful about the underlying fundamentals of their business can be successful at their business. This statement is the main theme I will carry away from a most intriguing, fact filled and fun journey to my doctorate. I can say without reservation that every book read and paper completed has given me a new understanding of my vocation through the eyes of business. I could have enrolled in the same old regimen of educational coursework and reinforced my own ‘four walls mentality.’ However, a little voice in me was saying, ‘education is changing and there is more and more evidence and outcry to run my school district like a business; think outside the box!’ Search out and learn more about business while broadening your horizons.”

“I have found, in my study, business and education are not dissimilar. The terms we use and the processes we engage in may be different. However, the fundamental way we approach our businesses and the foundation that guides our organizations are very much the same. The principles of management and leadership are the same; only the wrapping is different. If I can raise expectations, build capacity to improve and improve results, I can be a success in private enterprise or public education. I am now able to take the principles of management, leadership and consulting from the business perspective and articulate them in the language of education. I have found how critical it is to be able to take information from a little known source and to learn and to translate it into useful knowledge in order to help other organizations.”

“My experience with Rushmore met all my expectations. I came into the program with the customer requirement of learning how to relate business concepts to the educational field. I can say, without a doubt, I am able to make many connections. Through these connections I can leverage my knowledge of education with my new-found knowledge in management, leadership and consulting.”

Professor Manek Kirpalani :: Rushmore University

Manek Kirpalani

Professor Manek Kirpalani holds degrees from the University of Montreal and Oxford University. He has also worked in academia in Hong Kong, Norway and the USA. He is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Concordia University in Montreal and a Visiting Distinguished Professor and PhD Advisor in the International Business School of the Helsinki School of Economics. Professor Kirpalani’s travels are reflected in the fields he teaches: Marketing, International Business and Marketing Management. His publications and editorial contributions to books, proceedings and journals number over a hundred. Dr. Kirpalani has intensive business experience at the Montreal Stock Exchange. He also spent five years with DuPont in Canada.

Andrew Goodman :: Rushmore University

Andrew Goodman

Goodman - How Judges Decide Cases :: Rushmore University
How Judges Decide

Andrew Goodman is our Professor of Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution Studies. He has been a practicing trial counsel in England for nearly 30 years, principally in professional negligence, franchising and commercial disputes, and an arbitrator and mediator for 17 years. He also operates a highly successful consultancy that teaches professional advocacy, mediation and negotiation skills to lawyers and other qualified dispute resolvers.

Professor Goodman took his law degree at the University of Southampton and a MBA in Conflict Management at Rushmore and is now undertaking doctoral research in mediation dynamics at Birkbeck College at the University of London. He is a visiting lecturer on the Lord Chancellor’s Chinese Lawyers Fellowship Program and a member of the Society of Legal Scholars.

He has written over 30 books including the seminal How Judges Decide Cases: Reading, Writing and Analysing Judgments, its sequel Influencing the Judicial Mind: Effective Written Advocacy in Practice and Mediation Advocacy. His popular Court Guide is in its 20th edition. He has also written a number of books on late Victorian theatre and acted as a technical consultant on the Oscar-winning Mike Leigh film Topsy-Turvy.

He is currently the editor of Inner Temple Yearbook and an editor of Professional Negligence and Liability Reports and was consultant editor of The Journal of ADR, Mediation and Negotiation and on the editorial board of and a regular contributor to Advising Business: Law & Practice. Professor Goodman lives outside London with his wife and four children. His interests include classical music, theatre, writing and travel.

Rolf Hemmerling :: Rushmore University

Rolf Hemmerling

Since earning a BA in Economics from Northwestern University and a MA in Business Economics from Roosevelt University, Rolf Hemmerling has had an illustrious and enviable career in international business. Professor Hemmerling has distinguished himself in both the academic and the corporate worlds. He has brought considerable experience from the business community into the classroom, infusing the disciplines of economics, finance and management with real world authenticity.

Professor Hemmerling began his corporate career in San Francisco, helping to make a little known brand of blue jeans, Levi Strauss, into an international powerhouse. Levi’s also introduced him to what would become his lifelong passion, international business. As Managing Director of Levi Strauss, Brazil, he learned first hand that operating within the global industrial complex required creativity and sensitivity. Upon leaving Levi’s, he served in Europe as Director of Max Factor’s European Operations Headquarters in Paris, France.

After two decades within the corporate structure, Professor Hemmerling established his own management firm, Pacific Rim Partners, in order to assist small- and medium-sized companies expand internationally. However, he was called back into action by a former Levi co-worker, who had purchased a little known soccer apparel company and required Professor Hemmerling’s expertise in taking the product global. As President of Umbro International, Mr. Hemmerling managed to make Umbro a major competitor in the soccer apparel and sponsorship market and established over 70 licensees and joint ventures, many of which are still active today. After his success with Umbro, Professor Hemmerling returned to Pacific Rim Partners on a full-time basis.  The company’s clients are Europe and Asia as well as the Pacific Rim and are involved in industrial and consumer products and services.

Ultimately, Mr. Hemmerling decided to bring his experience from the corporate and international business arenas into the classroom. He began teaching both undergraduate and graduate classes in finance, economics and management, both in person and online. He has excited students with his common sense, “hands on” approach to business and economics for over seven years and he has found teaching to be as rewarding as his years spent as a corporate executive. He is a frequent participant in workshops for the US Department of Commerce and is a much sought-after speaker for both governmental and private seminars.

He believes: “I have been fortunate to have found myself in a career that has provided me with the stimulation of travel and the satisfaction of meeting challenges. However, the most challenging and rewarding career choice I have made in recent years has been instilling an understanding of and an enthusiasm for the intricacies of business in our rapidly shrinking global marketplace. I relish talking with students about their personal and professional desires and their interests, and I am always willing to share my thoughts and experiences. The Rushmore approach to education is, in my opinion, highly effective in providing real world guidance and instruction to individuals, who will, after all, be working in exactly that environment.”

Rushmore University - Professor John Jaquish

John Jaquish

Professor Jaquish began his experience in life sciences after being told by his Mother that she had been diagnosed with osteoporosis. John created a device to place axial loading through bone to safely cause osteogenic responses. The device was designed to trigger the effects of high-impact loading, but without the risk of injury. After successfully reversing his Mother’s osteoporosis, as part of his PhD dissertation in biomedical engineering research at Rushmore University, he conducted four years of testing with human subjects and observed his invention was able to outperform the existing standard-of-care pharmaceuticals. He has published these findings in multiple peer-reviewed academic journals.

Professor Jaquish is now on the editorial board of two academic medical journals, as well as a board member of American Bone Health, the worlds leading patient bone health education group. He is available in a research professor capacity to assist students with their academic journal submissions.

Elizabeth (Beth) Stetson

Professor Stetson has been a Manager at Price Waterhouse Coopers and a Senior Trial Attorney, International Attorney and Chief Counsel with the Internal Revenue Service. She is currently a Tax Accountant with Touche Ross, a CPA and member of the California Bar.

Professor Stetson earned a BBA in Accounting with Special Distinction from the University of Oklahoma, a MS in Taxation from Golden Gate University and a law degree with Distinction from the University of Oklahoma. She is now a student in the PhD program in Accounting at the University of Oklahoma.

Eduardo Abud-Mendoza

De Empresas

Professor Abud-Mendoza is an expert in mergers, acquisitions, corporate restructurings and business strategy. He has headed over 20 mergers and acquisition cases with a total value exceeding $12 billion and over 30 financial and corporate restructuring cases for a total value exceeding $9 billion. He has served as a top-level executive and consultant for many multi-billion dollar conglomerates and firms. Mr. Abud-Mendoza has extensive experience in telecommunications, media and entertainment, banking and power generation industries and has also been involved in the structuring, start-up and operation of many new businesses related to these industries.

He has taught Business Strategy, Corporate Finance and Decision Sciences at sundry undergraduate and MBA Programs in the US and Mexico. Professor Abud-Mendoza earned a BS (Cum Laude) in Industrial and Chemical Engineering at the best engineering university in Latin America, Monterrey Institute of Technology, a ME in Operations Research from the Mexican National University, a MBA from Indiana University in Corporate Finance (with a Fulbright scholarship) and a ABD/PhD in Corporate Finance, Decision Sciences and International Business from Indiana University. He lives in American Falls, Idaho.

Bernard L. Beatty

Professor Beatty earned his MBA and DBA from the Harvard Business School. He is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor and a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Graduates of Rushmore are hired, promoted and earn raises at Fortune 500 and other organizations because of what they learn and learn to apply within their programmes.