Course type

Please complete this form as you start to work on Short, Practical, Custom Practical or Research courses.


1. Your Student ID consists of the first initial of your first name combined with your last name. For example, John Smith’s Student ID is “jsmith.”
2. Indicate in order of preference the Professors you would like to act as your advisor for this course.
3. Enter the full course number and name (e.g., 2268 Gellerman on Motivation). For custom courses, you may assign any number from 3001 to 5999.
4. List the reasons you are taking this course and any comments regarding your plans for this course.

Requesting an advisor 

After you have selected a course, the next step is to arrange for an Advisor for the course. You may ask to work with any member of the Rushmore Faculty. Alternatively, you may ask the Dean of Graduate Studies to assign a Professor who is available to work with you.
Please realize, however, that some of the Professors whom you request may not be available to work with you at the time that you request them. For this reason, we ask that you list at least three Professors with whom you would like to work on your course.
To request an Advisor for a course, complete the Advisor Request Form. This form is transmitted directly to the Dean of Graduate Studies. If you wish to be assigned the first available Professor, note that in the space for requesting Professors.
The Dean of Graduate Studies will select an available Professor to work with you as your Advisor and will notify your Advisor of his or her assignment. Subsequently, you will receive a letter of acknowledgement from your Advisor via email with any relevant instructions that he or she may have for you.
Normally you will work with your Advisor by exchanging email messages. Occasionally you may need to discuss something with him or her over the telephone if that is feasible. Your Advisor’s mission is to assist you throughout your course by offering advice and answering questions.
To contact your Advisor via email, each Professor’s email address consists of the initial of his or her first name followed by the Professor’s last name and @faculty.rushmore edu. For example, the email address for Professor Donald Mitchell is

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