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“The Rushmore approach teaches you how to teach yourself - the most important academic lesson you will ever learn.”
Dr. Michael Cox


Contact Rushmore Staff & Faculty
Leave a voicemail or fax message anytime at 1-800-662-7622 or 1-815-301-3860. Please include your questions in your voicemail message so the appropriate person can contact you, and if necessary, leave you a message that answers all or most of your questions. You may call us directly Monday through Thursday between 5pm and 9pm Central Time at 1-815-780-9012 or with Skype ID, rushmore.dan.

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To reach Rushmore University via postal mail, use the address below:

Rushmore University, Ltd.
P.O. Box 822
700 Harbour Dr. & Fort Street
George Town, Grand Cayman


Graduates of Rushmore are hired, promoted and earn raises at Fortune 500 and other organizations because of what they learn and learn to apply within their programmes.